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  1. juz show my wifey yr comments .... luckily she thinks otherwise FSM recommend that ... we will ask for other solutions instead ....
  2. My wifey has the final said to FSM recommendations. I know better not to suit her wants/do. Will post once the meetup is done. Beside we have not started on the color concepts or layout yet. O.o change the door opening ... I know my sis walk up apartment door facing was changed ... hdb can meh? keke ... If that recommendation is made ... headache
  3. Engaged FSM Lester Tan and would be meeting next Monday. Guessed contractors hunting would start pretty soon. Do keep your recommendations of good contractors you came across. Cheers!
  4. Thanks donut88 & ahwee for yr recommendations. Meanwhile do keep the recommendations rolling on good contractors u came across.
  5. MBR Bathroom 1 Guestroom facing North Guestroom facing South Aircon in MBR & Guestroom S Storeroom
  6. Kitchen Area Common Bathroom MBR Wardrobe in MBR MBR Bathroom
  7. Entrance to Lounge Area Windows of Lounge Area Lounge Area Door assess from Lounge Area to Bedrooms View from Lounge Area to Kitchen
  8. Hi all, Appreciate if anyone could pm their contractors contacts too.
  9. Thanks for all the replies, Went house hunting initially ...hoping to get a roof especially near my parent-in-laws place which was at tanglin area. However, a 4 room could land us in about twice of what we could get in Yishun. Finally had to settled for our choice layout and corner house concept. That explains the high COV then. Well budget ... not sure yet as the current place quite well maintained but both the toilets needs redo Well let me post some pics.
  10. Hi all, About to embark on the journey to built the nest for the three of us. However, things have not started yet coz CO needs to get the right FSM up to house first for a look. Also, have not find any contractors/IDs yet. So I thought I start this here to get any the help I could get. Well, here goes
  11. Opps sorry .... so excited with you u had shared that I forget to . Thanks again ....
  12. Hi porkypig ... appreciate u could add the links to your hardware shop
  13. Will research more on all the advises given. Thanks all. Not anti-slam but soft closing
  14. yup definately a good safety features for parents with young kids. Anti slam & safety features for parents with young children.
  15. Rune

    Wardrobe Woes

    I see, so these add-ons are not only market here I presume ... anyway thank for the replies
  16. Hi Bros/Sis, During a recent trip to Ikea, I was window shopping ...came across the anti slam feature when i started to open the drawers of the kitchen cabinet at ikea. I find their anti slam features of the drawers really cool. Is this feature common to most cabinets nowadays? Its not the hydraulic type which I had seen previously, which can be quite costly. It juz llike the common tracks whereby the ball bearings of the drawers run on with an additional of a 'red' gadget add-on at the rear. Believed thats the anti slam feature add-on.. Anyone care to share their experiences?? Where to purchase and their prices ....
  17. Will make the trip when the time comes... at the moment am gathering the know how from the forums here. Thanks papbestdad for the advises ... at least I know where to start now. Thank you
  18. Keke ... been reading threads .... seem all hire an ID nowadays. Why is this so. I remembered last time ... ID are costly .... usually only employ a contractor to do reno. Ideas usually are self injected. Is it becoz of the ruling whereby licensed contractors are limited ... IDs take over the handling of the reno works now?? Sorry for all this noobie qns
  19. Sorry to hijack this thread but is there any problem to clean the ventilation fan? After installation ... the window cannot be opened anymore right? Sorry for the noobie qns
  20. How is a cashier's order made? By the way, I know I could be a mountain tortise ... I hate cheques coz my signature varies, thus I don't carry a cheque book. For the OTP, i juz transfer $ to my agent. She issued the cheque for me.
  21. Well, juz sharing .... when taking a loan from banks, some banks capped them at a minimun of 100k, which I had took up. I have to fork out an additional 5% cash, which is $11500k
  22. A personnel sidenote, when I bought my 5 room in Sengkang Back in 1999 ... prices then for 5 room was $270k. Considered quite high already. However, with a combine CPF of 100k and HDB subsidies, we were able to comfortably pay off via the monthly CPF contributions (abt $650). This left extra cash flow allowed for purchases, upgrade in insurance cover and future plans. I have since taken up 2 retirement plans, 1 additional medical coverage and 2 investment plans and bought myself a transport. Do your sums right and we still could live within one means. I have since sold the 5 room and in the process to purchase a 4A. Actually my 1st mistake was to get a 5 room in the 1st place. The process should be in reverse order.
  23. Seems we belonged to the same senario ... I am home grown in Bedok ... but had put up at Sengkang ... now moving on to Yishun.
  24. Juz exercised my OTP would likely would into Yishun early next year. Noticed that there are little threads our fellow Yishun ...