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  1. Sam, Tried sending you a PM but got a prompt that you can't receive any new messages. PM me if you need any info from me. Am still in the middle of settling down so I dun have much time logging into my T-Blog. A PM will be better as it will notify me. Regards, Sgdstuff
  2. I concur on Seahorse's mattress quality......not springy but very firm and confirm can withstand your "activities" hahahahahaha....
  3. Hi, I got my Rain Shower, Kitchen Sink, Kitchen Sink Mixer from Universal (Geylang) and the rest from Poh Joo....... Towel Rails & Toilet Paper holders; I got them from Ikea when I buy my curtain rails because price are much cheaper.
  4. Hi All, I'm in the midst of the Reno of my HDB Apt and would like to find out some info on Power Sockets. I was wanting to get the Legrand Malia switches & sockets and found that the power sockets would still require an adapter in order to plug in a 2 pin plug. My question is if there's any Power Sockets in the market whereby I could plug in a 2 pin plug without using any adapter? I called CM earlier today and was told that they do not carry any of such Power Sockets..... Does anyone knows which brand of Power Sockets can perform this task and when can I get it from. Thanks alot in advance for the advice & info.
  5. How.... by selling Kate Spade bags??? hahahahahahha
  6. Hi Angelbutterfly, Can agree with you on Kevin and that's one of the reason why I choose to work with him....... at least for the time being As for my kitchen, I'm going to use glossy laminates.
  7. Hi Immunity, I dun have a choice on kitchen because we do some heavy duty cooking at times (My wife & myself loves to cook) hence we need additional preparation top and it is also because I had allocated part of the kitchen space as laundry yard so the total kitchen space got shortened. I'm using cylinder gas as well and my understanding is that most of the "old" flats in HG do not have PUB gas.
  8. Hi Seabass, My pies are on the other side. This tall cabinet is specially created to "hide" all my kitchen stuff such as ladles etc etc. Got this idea from the Cook show "Chef At Home".
  9. Hi Immunity, Emobebe, Yes, my living room is goign to be smaller than what it is now but we have no choice due to our needs...... Kitchen does not have any space to fit in a Dining table. We could well do away with the partition wall but as we want to "hide" our dining table hence no choice but to erect it.
  10. MBR Angle 1 Angle 2 - A View Angle 2 - B View Dining Continue in another post......
  11. Finally, my 3D drawings are out. I wouldn't say that the actual will look exactly like these drawings but close. Will be meeting up with Kevin to go thru the areas that was reflected incorrectly and also gign over to Hafary for selection of tiles. Living Room : Angle A Angle B Angle C Continue in another post.....
  12. Hi, I'm have the intention to purchase a few pieces of Honeywell Tower Fan shown below would like to find out some feedback from those fellow brothers & sisters here who had used or is currently using one. Thanks alot in advance for any feedback provided.
  13. Went around trying viewing some stuff over the weekend, no purchases has been done yet but had made up our mind on which lamps to choose. Lightings - Lighting.com Will be installing this Ceiling Lamp for Living X 3pcs, Bed Rooms - 1 each bed room, Kitchen X 2 Pcs. Dining Area Wall Lamp Bathrooms, Storeroom & Walkways Sofa - Vhive Comtemplating on whether to buy this 3 Seater Recliner Sofa. One hold back factor is the material. The surface is using Microfiber and we are worry that my littles princess might "mess" around on the sofa and that's it..... The other factor which had me thinking is the price. Not that it cost a bomb, just that I had originally thought of getting a L-Shape Sofa with the price range of $500++ and if I go for this, I will be about $300 over my original budget but if the surface is PU Leather and at teh same price, I think I will probably make the plunge even if I overshot the budget slightly. Anyone knows where else sells this kind of sofa at the price range of $700+ to $800+?....... Other than Novena...... Dining Table Will be getting this Dining Table from Ikea. Like it mainly because it's "Expandable". We will have it "shrunk" to 4 seaters most of the time and will only have it "Expanded" to 6 seaters when we have guest. Felt it suits or tiny Dining area As for Dining Chairs, will probably make a trip down to Gnee Hong Furniture @ Eunos to take a look on what they have and their prices as well. Browse thru their web catalogue and their stuff looks quite nice. Bathroom Stuff Went to Poh Seng & Hupfarri to take a look but couldn't find something I wanted, will be making a trip down to Poh Joo this weekend and look around. Will be hunting for 1 X Rain Shower, 2 X Toilet Bowl (Sitting), 2 X Bathroom Sink, 1 X Kitchen Sink, 1 X Storage Heater, 1 X Instant Heater and other Kitchen & Bathroom Accessories. Anyone can recommend places for me to hunt such stuff? Not looking for those high end stuff..... basic to mid range will do. Tiles Went to Sim Bee Huat to look around for ideas and think we managed to visualize what we want but will probably make another trip over to Hafary @ Defu to take a look as well this weekend. Would prefer to get it from Hafary @ Defu because it's nearer to my place
  14. Hi All Oven Gurus, I'm going to buy a Built in oven soon and am wondering which Brand & Model I should get for my wife. Was thinking of Electrolux & Bosch, could any one tell me which brand/model I should get based on the following requirements : 1. Must have Fan Function 2. Must have Auto Cut-Off Function 3. Must have the "Eco-Self Clean" function 4. Must have Top Only, Top + Bottom & Bottom Only heating function 5. Prefer to have 3 Layer Glass Could any gurus enlighten me based on the above and I would be most grateful if you could let me know how much it would cost me to get the recommended brand/model. Btw, I'm staying in HDB so not sure if there's any restrictions on power.... Thanks alot in advance.