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  1. May I have the contact number or email of the contractor which you have selected? Thanks!
  2. Hi, may I have the contact of your contractor? Thanks!
  3. Hi may i know the master you engage for your house? is he good? what was the outcome after he audit your house. please advise as i am getting my house and need a FSM. Thanks!

  4. I had good experience with him, as I have mentioned before. And as he is a contractor, he will not be able to give you much design ideas - you will have to do a lot of homework yourself. But this is something to be expected when you engage a contractor instead of an interior designer. We went in with this mindset and thought we got back our money worth and more. Patrick and his wife were extremely pleasant to deal with and after the renovation when there was a problem with our tap, the wife even sent us a cheque to compensate the plumber whom we called down to check on the tap (long story, but it proved their sincerity and after-sales service).
  5. Has been a year living in the house and falls in love with it more and more everyday!
  6. I agree you should ask for the cost of varnishing to be waived since this is not your fault. Once, their plumber made a mistake when they came to check upon the tap in my house (the water flowing from the tap was very small and his plumber kept insisting that the tap was faulty. Turns out that there was a filter built inside the tap which they didn't detect when they were checking. Had to ask someone from Poh Joo to come and check and as a result, had to pay $80 to the plumber from Poh Joo) and I insisted that Ho Bee should bear the cost when I called another plumber to check. Mrs Quek transferred $80 upon finding out about this. The same thing happened to my friend who hired them earlier this year and she got the $80 refunded too.
  7. Haha same for my case, he also never said no to me...my husband also very fussy one as he is also in the design field...got a few things also asked them to rectify but they never showed black face even once...
  8. Congrats on your beautiful house! Ho Bee renovated my house as well last year, and like you, I was extremely pleased with their work! All my friends who have visited my place have nothing but praises for their work as well
  9. Mine took around 6 weeks....they were very fast for mine.
  10. Would like to know how many of you actually engaged Ho Bee as your contractor in the end?
  11. It will be quite hard to slash the price as patrick is known not to give substantive discount. But you can be assured what you see is what you get - there will usually be zero to minimal hidden cost when you do renovation with him. Unlike with IDs, I have heard that the price you get at the beginning will usually increase as the reno proceeds because there were a lot of things which were not listed in the first quote. But if you are a very busy person, I will advise you to go for IDs as you will have to arrange to meet with the deliverymen for various purchases such as your air cond, toilet accessories, etc. Patrick will not be responsible for this. Plus you will also need to tell him what colours you want to paint for all your walls, how you plan your house layout etc.