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  1. Hello Amrasenlya, the wall paper is the white portion where the TV is being mounted onto. as for the tv drawers, it's a pull out drawers which should be common..
  2. Finally! The reno and rectifications are done! left with painting to find and plants to buy... Any recommendation for modern painting/deco? I'm glad that the boss of Plus Interior managed the rectifications. Really very accommodating! for instance, he went an extra mile just to get the side cover protection for my wallpaper to avoid any peeling in future. The steel was initially too thick and hence, he had to go back to the shop to get a thinner steel cover.. Anyway, Jaxxx Ng has left the company (that's what I heard), if anyone who plans/hears his name in another company or his own company, DO NOT USE JAXXX NG SERVICES! Here's part of the living room with blue lights! didn't take photo on the other side of the living room TV feature wall with wall paper.. wallpaper for the TV feature wall
  3. hi IceBlue, saw your blog and I'm sorry to hear about your 'ID'. hope this painful experience for you will be over soon. However, your cupboards look gd..
  4. Hi Rasp, so the price which my ID quote is ok? or still exp?
  5. Hi JandG, OMG... you mean your ID is also Jamxx? or your ID is someone else in Plus Interior?
  6. OMG! your cats are so cute! sometimes, i wonder if my dog is a cat in disguise as she has cat's habits...
  7. Hi Ossify, since the reno is already completed leaving with the last 20% payment and an unconfirmed discount to be provided by the boss, would you have any other recommendations based on the above feedback?
  8. balcony/dining after Hi Beany, may i ask where did you purchase the runners for the dining table? your place really looks gd!
  9. Thanks Beany! most of the stuff have been rectified. left with a couple more to go! as for my dog, yes she's at the corner of the dining room pic. I should take her next to our white carpet in the room while she's slping (her back on the floor with 4 legs hanging in the air..Lol) coz we can't differentiate which is carpet and and which is her... kekekeke
  10. Dining area - Before reno Dining area - After reno with doggy lazing ard.. Room- Before reno Room- After reno
  11. yeap! It's lucky that no one was hurt and I hope that it doesn't happen again in someone else's reno... it's not worth getting hurt at the expense of someone else's blunder Everyone is asking me to sue the company... haiz....another tiring process...
  12. I'm glad that the renovation is completed with some rectifications needed and buying of deco stuff such as carpet, paintings, etc We liaise directly with the boss for Plus Interior. Overall experience was pretty good. He is accommodating, rectified those issues that the ID (his employee) refused to do. However, we are still disappointed with Plus Interior as the reno experience totally tired us out Still Disappointed - ID (Jaxxx) didn't connect the cooker gas pipe to the main gas pipe which can be very fatal (can cause an explosion). Can you image what will happen if we lighted the cooker with an unconnected gas pipe with gas leakage into our cabinet!!!! - here's what happened, we decided to cook one evening and switched on the main gas switch. However, we were very curious as to why the meter keep running even though we didn't switch on the cooker. Hence, we thought that the main gas switch may have leaked and decided to call Citygas. The Citygas person came down shortly to check (thank goodness) and told us that our designer made a major mistake by not calling Citygas to switch off the gas prior renovation. To think that he wanted to save $50 by not calling Citygas but the consequences are undeniably fatal! -Water tank dropped! -shortly after the gas incident, the water tank dropped and was barely supported by the water pipe and the bi-fold door... OMG.. I'm totally speechless on this! Less than 2 weeks that I've moved in and the carpentry works seem to be falling apart with the magnet connector for the shoe cabinet falling off! Contented - Plus Interior Boss accommodating - Very happy with the services and workmanship that we outsourced: the wall paper, gate, door, air-con, curtain company absolutely went smoothly! will post the photos tonight
  13. Hi, sorry for the late reply as I was really biz with moving house, purchasing stuff, etc. I'm not sure how much it cost per ft but it's L1800mm for $1320
  14. My hubby and I met up with the boss and his lady partner yesterday. The overall experience was good. They were very accommodating with our request on the rectifications to be done. However, we can't judge or confirm whether they will deliver what they have promised till the final lap of the reno works. Finally, I can rest well for the next couple of days... Meanwhile, my granite kitchen top is up. Waiting for the glass backing to be done...
  15. Hi, who's your ID from Plus that's managing your reno?
  16. Countdown: 4hrs to our meet-up with Plus Interior boss since we really can't stand our ID, Jaxxx Ng nonsenses and excuses... will update further on how the boss intend to manage the poor carpentry workmanship...
  17. Hi Hi, You've got a nice WIW ... May I ask how much it is? and is the internal laminate finishing?
  18. Pop over to your T-blog and I noticed that you've got a nice WIW ... May I ask how much it is? and is the internal laminate?
  19. hrmm... inclusive of both meaning that for the long light with crystal balls (second one) the blubs are either halogen lights or LED and with the crystals... hence, light blubs + crystal = $400+ but the 1st one is more than $500 i.e. crystals with LED + halogen lights