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  1. imho the longer segment shd be 1 piece instead of 2. seems like your curtain installer is not very professional......... name them and shame them!
  2. Hi, i'm a new segarian, recently done up my place. I would strongly recommend Intradesign. Check out my t-blog for more details ya?
  3. hahaha.....truth be told, i'd rather hv a small living room but bigger bedrooms. so where do u intend to move to this time round?
  4. dun think marshmallow has reached my thread........yet.
  5. thank you for your kind comments. using dark tiles equates to a dark toilet.....and both my toilets are not bery bright to begin with, even in day time. oh well, form over function.
  6. patsy jie jie, thank you for your kind comments. truth of the matter is, the sofa is not as comfy as it looked. seriously. we bot it bcuz it was priced reasonably for its size (2k for 3m) and we felt that we could do w a longish sofa for our long living room.
  7. dude, i have no doubt that ur choice of furnishing will augment your excellent reno in more ways than one.
  8. u are so gonna regret it if u continue to pull your hair dude! i'm the best example! want an island at the top of your head? i think not!
  9. wahahaha........some vivid imagination u hv!
  10. thank u very much for your kind comments. much appreciated!
  11. hi Leslyn, yes, i'm using 600 x 600 homogeneous tiles. in fact i took a couple of pics during my tile selection at hafary. its in my earlier posts. the way they are being laid coupled with the glossy effect makes it look like marble flooring. but its **** slippery when wet. not advisable if u hv older folks or young ones runnning around.
  12. thank you for your kind comments. i think laminates are not too bad a choice for flooring and compared to parquet its way cheaper. Truth be told, while it does feel a little hollow, its not as bad as compared to the laminate floorings of yesteryear. If u dun mind that, then i think laminate floorings r vfm from both aesthetics and $ point of view. so there.
  13. ermm...nope. didnt even realise it till u pointed it out. but the plants are, though. as it is for the clear vase with coarse salt.
  14. my extended MBR toilet to the right of my MBR..... view from MBR to living room lastly, my concealed bomb shelter cum feature wall cum shoe cabinets (to the left of the bomb shelter as well as top and bottom of the M&M figurines). yup, we got lotsa shoes to warrant this much of storage! that pretty much sums up my reno. kudos to Dave for a job well done. will try to take more pics from better angles and camera.
  15. ........more pics. my common toilet MBR door. Looks exactly like my main door. The 1st u'll see once the MBR door is open: My makeshift study table To the left of my MBR. Behind that sliding glass door is my former MBR. Its now my wiw cum changing room My wiw cum changing room more pics coming right up.........
  16. thank u! i got my dining table and chairs from st louis as mentioned in my earlier post.....the glass table is very sturdy and very, very heavy. luvin' it to bits.
  17. thank u thank u! actually, my common toilet and 2 bedrooms are exactly the same design as my main door. its actually faux croc leather.......
  18. bro, dun mind me asking, wt kind of insulation are they giving u? eg armaflex, thermoflex etc? 3/8 inch or half inch? G24 orG23 copper piping? 1 or 2 times installation?
  19. My living and dining pics........ My customised main door with long handle The rest of my living and dining pics...... .....guess that will be all for today. very shag, need to sleep liao. stay tuned for more pics ya?