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  1. hi there. (1) go to LTA, bring along cheque to make up the amount (inc. road tax, OPC 17k rebate) (2) go to one of the car plate workshops around, show them the blue road tax disc and related documents. and they will proceed to make the normal plate for u and install accordingly. (3) no additional inspection required (4) u may want to double check with your insurance agency on the status change tho. some may require top up in insurance premium.
  2. seriously for 3k, why dun u guys jus go to the more reputable entry level players like lorenzo, cellini and save yourselves the hassle and headache? jus to share my exp. paid $1.6k for L shaped leather sofa from the living story at genting in 2009 becos my wife love the design and the price is within budget. genuine calf leather + 5 freaking long years of warranty. we signed the deal. fast forward to 2011, the "genuine calf leather" started peeling. the material sticks onto my clothes and is all over the floor. i thk pple in the know would realised Living story has busted so wat 5 yrs warranty? like i told my frens, might as well give me 10yrs warranty, i would hv paid more. i learnt my lesson and got my current sofa from lorenzo. the leather smell stayed for weeks, delivery on time, everything was listed in black and white. and the biggest point? it was only $2k. seriously prices have come down so much (thk the navinzi, kuka, OM etc) i really dun understand why the need to take any risks. in fact, with my Living Story sofa used for less than 2 yrs, i confirm my lorenzo sofa will end up being cheaper anytime.
  3. hi hi yes i intend to paint over as such the common type i think cannot work. Just wanna look ard to see if got the openable type option u know the cover can open like opening and closing back like our pri sch pencil case kind
  4. hi hi but the plastic tubing stil not considered conceal, only make it neater. if can get this type casing and reopenable, u can paint it same colour as wall and totally conceal the wires.
  5. the above the usual pvc casing/housing used to hold and conceal wires. i am thinking of using the same to conceal the tv wires (current situation: LCD TV mounted on wall, with no feature wall so all the TV and player cables showing). question: any experts here know if such PVC casing comes in re-openable style? this is to pre-empt future situations when changing players, cables etc. thanks in advance. i thk this shd b the cheapest option to conceal the tv wires.
  6. true. wats impt in a honeymoon is a totally relaxing atmosphere where you spend alot of time with each other instead of rushing to catch trains or being buried in maps trying to find the way around. and absolutely no tours, im a firm believer of FnE. like my "honeymoon", we spent in Bali, we enjoyed as well. the cheap food, cheap massages, we thoroughly pampered ourselves!
  7. congrats! act the world is so big, it would b tough to nail the best place for honeymoon and very much depends on your travel styles. eg. r u the city person or the beach and bum person? and of cos not forgetting budget. europe and US are nice in their own ways. if this is your first trip out far, i would recommend u start off europe - southern france and italy are slow paced and have great atmosphere.
  8. btw are they a one man show or something? called their landline - engaged. and called the mobile - no one answer.
  9. hey have you seen this? http://www.beds.sg/home-decor-lifestyle/3d-wall-panels.html im interested but 10 pieces is too many.
  10. hi all, asking on behalf a fren. Does anyone know about Bryan Wong (王禄江) ID firm? Any contacts please? thanks.
  11. Wid, mentioning leather on the invoice is not good enough, it must mention genuine leather. PU leather is leather, misleading but thats the way it is. anyw those cushions, are they fixed or they come with zippers? if w zippers, unzip one of them and turn over. u wil get ur answer immediately.
  12. ya wid, here is executive living thread. lets take your discussion to the other thread. we can discuss there.
  13. like wat samtheman says, very large panels are giveaways. for my case, it peeled very badly. its like you can scratch it and pull off a slice of the top layer. that is def not genuine leather. also, i considered reupholster it cos it is a very big sofa and getting the same size brand new is easily above 2.5k and the reupholstery guy also said it is PU leather, not even synthetic leather. based on my experience, dun ever apply those leather cream or leather oil to PU leather. you wil kill it faster. i wont comment on your sofa but just a honest advice is to try asking your salesperson to acknowledge on your receipt that this is genuine leather. becos if it is real genuine leather on your sofa, i dun see why they cant agree to such small request. this acknowledgement will also help u in the future should there b issues with your sofa.
  14. dun worry bro, when i bot my first sofa, me n my wife were worse. she only see the design, i only see the price haah!
  15. frankly furniture buying is alot more tricky...btw im following this thread becos im shopping for a new sofa too aft my dodgy sofa failed aft jus 2 yrs of light usage. yes when i bot, the shop promised me 5 yr warranty, they are a big firm, its going to b genuine leather. but 2yrs+ on, the shop folded (should hv given me 10yrs warranty, would hv made me pay more haha!), the genuine leather turned out to be PU leather. anyw i jus take it as a lesson as 1st time buyers, no problem. there r many such shops out there, i even rem Morris (where is it now btw?), balestier point basement used to hv one (below the Living Vision now) that my wife likes alot but tat also gone. anyw i jus confimed my lorenzo sofa last sun. yes i hv 100% genuine cowhide leather, 5yrs warranty, colour code, leather name, expressly stated on my invoice. i didnt even worry abt the deposit i had to place. once bitten twice shy i guess.
  16. ok thats good, at least u received the sofa. just enjoy it and take good care of it. i guess everyone learns, same for me, i learnt mine from the living story at genting lane haha also leather sofa.
  17. dun ponder too much at this point...but my sincere advice would b not to pay in full before delivery. if u do tat, u lose all bargaining power. and stay firm in negotiations with such parties.
  18. frankly aft my experience with Living story or life story at genting lane, i will avoid such shops like a plague. it doesnt matter how many hundred years of warranty they offer or wat other claims they make.
  19. <iframe width="425" height="349" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/YuEEZk22TqE" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> there are more on youtube...go search for rally messages for Sylvia Lim, Low Thia Kiang, Chen Show Mao, Tan Jee Say, Chiam See Tong, Vincent Wijeysingh, Tony Tan (NSP), Pritam Singh. "The people shall not be bullied anymore" - Chiam See Tong
  20. this is my ward..anyw im not voting for any party per se, im voting for change!!