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  1. aiya.. i first saw this when i was in krabi 5 years ago, regretted not buying it (no hse yet) and have been looking for it ever since.
  2. oh... i was looking for the mona lisa painting.. hope that you have bought it in singpaore?
  3. i walk past the shop daily to work.. name of the shop is Tong Mern Sern at 51 Craig Road, beside this cafe "The Plain" (www.theplain.com.sg)
  4. i can bring over.. then u ask EC to clean? woah.. the rainbow vacuum sounds good.. but too expensive + pushy sales puts me off.. ur lounge chair.. u remember my hse there's a big red couch (if u notice).. my mom use a matching red shawl-like material and sew it into a couch cover... wahaha..
  5. First time post on ur blog... wahaha.. lemme answer u... 1) dust.. vaccum the whole lounge chair? or use a brush? my yishun hse have the genie (steamer) u wan to borrow?? dirt/stain, i think can use a damp cloth, with a little soap to clean off.. then wipe again with clean damp cloth?? 2) Art Friend shld have... i think i've seen before..