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  1. Hi Sharene21, Do you get the contractor number or company name? Mind to share your experience and the contact number?
  2. Hi all, Does anyone know good and trustable contractor with HDB license for small renovation? I'm planning to hack a wall to create connecting door between two bedrooms, replace kitchen door, replace common bathroom door, etc. Most of contractor I know do not want to work with small job like this. Cheers,
  3. Want to Sell: Used queen size mattress including the bed frame. The mattress is Serta Davenport. Still in good condition. Selling because want to change to King size. Selling at $300 for both mattress and bed frame. Here are some photos Interested party please SMS/Whatsapp 859zero39nine4.
  4. Bed frame, selling at SGD 30, still in very good condition, rarely used Interested party please contact me by SMS/whatsapp at 859zero39nine4
  5. Pre-loved ball chair bought from Studio 1961 at sale price SGD 990, selling very cheap at SGD 300, we seldom use it so it's still in good condition though it's been 3.5 years. Pictures could be seen below. Interested party please contact me by SMS/Whatsapp at 859zero3nine94
  6. I have the following items to sell: - Single Size Metal bed frame $30 - Single size spring mattress $30 (very good condition, like new) If you buy both, I can give for $50. Items can be collected around Tiong Bahru area. Please arrange transportation on your own. If you're interested, please contact me at 859 zero 3 nine 94 Photos can be seen below
  7. I just did a small patch here and there, paints one or two side of my bedrooms, hack a wall cabinet and install a dressing table with Bernardo from Kairos Consulting Pte Ltd. His work is pretty neat and clean, and the price is reasonable. For anyone who need handyman or contractor for small renovation, I can PM you his contact. He also do big renovation. Cheers,
  8. Is his workmanship good? I may need someone for small job too.
  9. Hi amystev, As stated in my signature, the bathroom glass door was $880 inclusive GST.
  10. Hi ncy, I'm not sure how much their psf price. They quoted me the whole item. Sorry, I didn't ask them about the kind of wood they used. Cheers
  11. Hi, I have a very nice gown for sale. It was used only once as wedding gown by my wife. It can also be worn as bridesmaid gown because no long tail at the back. Or you can also alter it as night gown. Color is off white. Anyone interested please PM me and I can send the pics to you. Cheers
  12. Yes, I've seen it. I've even mentioned it to Kelvin when he helped me patching up my wall (due to my own fault) but I had impression that the problem has been solved. That's why I pm-ed you asking how your renovation progress was and actually 1 or 2 days after that tried pm-ing the reply but failed due full inbox. And it's not that I don't put myself in your shoes as well. I too have faced several problems during rectification. E.g. Rectification 1 : Installation of the shelf above basin (if any of you noticed the bathroom photo, the shelf was not installed yet). I tried to remember the conversation as much as I can without trying to add/remove anything. Me : Kelvin, so when will your men coming down to install the shelf? Kel : Oh, No problems. How about this evening after your office hour? Me : Oh yes sure. Thank you. The carpenters didn't come. I waited until half an hour after the agreed time. Me : Kel, so what time will your man come? Kel : Ha? They haven't come???? Let me check. I'll get back to you ASAP. After that he really got back to me immediately, apparently his carpenters had problems with their car so the installation was re-arranged to the next day. Next day I was coming home around 10 minutes later than the agreed time and found nobody in front of my flat. Me : (calling Kelvin) Kelvin, sorry I was late just now. Have your carpenters come down? They can come in now. Kel : They should've been there. OK I'll call them now. 5 minutes later Kel: (with paiseh tone) Rrrr.. sorry they were there just now but nobody opened the door so they went for dinner first and would be back soon. Me: ... .. I see (speechless). Waited for 1 hour and finally they came with a shelf with wrong color!!! @%$@%$@^$ However as I said, other than that, I am very satisfied with their other work (hacking, tiling, piping, wiring and painting). They are of good workmanship and (luckily) my kitchen cabinet was done very neatly as well. As for my bathroom vanity, I consider I am "suay" . I myself would most probably engage them for my common bathroom renovation plus several minor renovation (maybe around end of next year). For carpentry, since I am still "traumatic" with them, currently I just engage direct carpenters for a few small carpentry work in my common rooms. Fortunately, the result was above my expectation without having to vomit blood though I still hope Tau can improve their services so that I don't have to go to separate sub -cons to do all of those. So that's all my long winding explanation. Disclaimer: I have neither family/friend relation with Tau nor grudge against their carpenters (so for Kel's supporter, please don't slam me because of 20% of my negative feedback ) Happy New Year!! Cheers,
  13. Hi YuenYuen, It wasn't my intention to hide the fact or mislead anyone in this forum. If you back track my posting in this forum, I had mentioned that I was going to post the completion + some pros & cons about Tau ID. Unfortunately I was very very busy thereafter. I planned to move right after hungry ghost month ended but due to some rectification I had to re-arrange a lot of things (furniture delivery, my old furniture moving, cleaning etc), not to mention with office work. So I didn't have much time to post comprehensive review (which I planned before), except for replying PMs from some forummers here. Anyway at that time nobody ever asked me the completion. If there is, I would of course give my objective answer. Honestly, in your early renovation messages Kelvin treated you better than me(e.g. he gave you a few design even before you signed up with him where I had to chase him for design several times after I signed up). So, why I should I be "kay poh" pm-ing/warning anyone who used Tau id after my renovation? It could be that I was just a bit "suay" having to deal with their carpenter and cleaner Cheers
  14. Sorry just out of curiosity to make everything clear, it seems that you don't like the idea of having metal strips on the carpentry works but how come they were installed on those items? Are there any misunderstanding/miscommunication or you have agreed it to be installed but didn't realize it would be bad later or they have initiatives to install it wiithout your permission? Cheers
  15. Hi All, Hope all are calmed down already. Since I'm not going to take side to any parties, I'll try to share my experience as objectively as possible. For me personally, I am satisfied with most of Tau's work except for carpentry and post renovation cleaning. I am impressed with their workers skills in tiling, piping and wiring. However, I am very disappointed with the work and attitude of their carpenters. Luckily, my kitchen cabinet was completed neatly. However, my bathroom vanity is badly done. So for Yuen Yuen's case, I think coincidentally most of her renovation involved carpentry so she can't see Tau's strong points. I could understand her disappointment. I myself have told and asked Kelvin about his carpenters as I felt their attitude are really different from his other workers who were very dedicated with their job. Hopefully, he could take it as a feedback to improve Tau's service. As myself, I would still engage Kelvin in my future renovation because I think his after sales service is quite good as well. Two weeks ago, I had problem drilling my wall to mount my wall clock and ended up screwing up some part of it (including the painting). Even though it's not his mistake he personally came down to my place fixing it (retouching and re-painting the wall including helping me mounting my wall clock) free of charge. However for carpentry work, honestly I still hesitate to engage him and might prefer engaging direct carpenters to do my future carpentry work until someone gives new positive feedback on it in the future. So for Kel's supporters, it might be good to convey the feedback to him as well so they can improve their service. Lastly, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Cheers,
  16. Hi Osync, The study table + bookcase is $1000 Cheers
  17. Hi SolutionProvider, Thanks for your info. At the end I engaged JS Furniture to build my study table + bookcase. I did the design and they provided some advise here and there. So far I'm quite satisfied with their workmanship Here is the result Cheers,
  18. Hi, I engaged JS Furniture to build my study table + bookcase. I contacted Jack, but Steven is the one coming to my house. I did the design and Steven provide some advise here and there. So far I'm quite satisfied with their workmanship Here is the result Cheers,
  19. Thanks all for the reply. At the end I bought this one below while I was on holiday in my home country at about SGD 75 if it is converted to Singapore dollars. I tried visiting some of places recommended by forumers here and some are indeed interesting. Might want to buy the 2nd clock at that shop in JB City Square later.
  20. Hi mayseem, Ya, acrylic is some kind of plastic, but I'm not sure whether with the provided model that I wanted is causing the price to increase. Because apart from the coffee table, I also wanted to have some kind of nested bedside table which I saw in Robinsons (but out of stock). The price at Robinsons was about half of the one quoted by Dama. When you said you saw something similar at Barang Barang, may I know which Barang Barang? Barang Barang's price is definitely not cheap, but no harm to take a look Cheers,
  21. Hi mayseem, Yes I tried to contact them. They quoted me $650 to build the table, but I'm still considering. I don't know whether their price is reasonable. Cheers,