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  1. My shower has a marble wall which gets wet. The grouting has turned mouldy and I have tried to remove them. Vinegar is not so effective; perhaps I need to regrout? Searched the net and found information relating more to USA solutions ans products. Any solutions in Singapore? Thanks
  2. I have this problem 1. Piling works on developement next caused tiles to crack. 2. Contractor uindertake to 'Make Good' 3. Attempt to 'Make Good' MADE WORSE (wrong tile used, more cracked tiles, appliances/cabinets damaged) Now at a lost whether to allow 2nd attempt to make good (dun hack, overlay). Fear a) Make even worse b) Cabinets/appliances have more damage (can get compensation?) c) Going through another round of cleaning/dust/noise d) Tiles pop later e) After overlay less floor area? f) Kenn sabo (stuff things or throw pebbles into pipes, etc) Lawyer advice- get PE to assess then decide next steps.
  3. Very good advice because after you sign, everything is on new owner... some problems may not surface whilst renovation is going on or when you have not moved in or waiting for customary then move in. After renovation/customary, if discover washing clothes will cause flooding then terok la.
  4. I was reading the threads and wonder, where do you victims get the cars resprayed/scratches removed? Maybe can form group buys or discounts?
  5. Hi My neighbour's contractor came by to 'Make Good' the cracked tiles his renovation caused. As they hacked one tile, another cracked. The worker was not alert enough to notify his supervisor that the replacement tiles were different from Tile "A". As there are insufficient tiles, they could not replace with Tile "B". What options do I have? I loved my kitchen the way it was, wasted my leave to oversee the failed 'Make Good' and now have Tiles 'A', Tiles 'B' and Tiles 'Cracked' in my kitchen. Please be generous with your advice and give me an idea of the price. Thanks