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  1. Hi Jasling, I am interested in your A&A information and quotation. Could you share more with me? Thank you.



    1. jasling


      hi yowetan, so sorry i did not see this message. do you still need it?

  2. Hi Brian, thanks for the input. Before I make the decision (pre-purchase) to purchase, can I engage a surveyor/builder/contractor or evern architect to do a free assessment/survey to the said property? The property I am eyeing now looks fine from the exterior, however the interior has to be renovated. I am concern about the structural and I am wondering extensions to the existing unit would be permissible under current URA/BCA guideline. For today's current practice, engaging external parties like builder/contractor/architect requires cost as well? Thanks. Any good and trustworthy (subjective) builder/constructors/architect to recommend? Thanks again.
  3. Hi. I am currently sourcing for a landed property. Prior finalizing the purchase, what are the rightful process/procedures, i.e. engaging contractor, surveyor or architect to advise if the unit/landed is okay to go? Any one who can advise me on this? I intend to do A&A since budget is constraint but I need to know how much to budget so I can do my sum accordingly. Looking forward to kind replies from all experts. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi scenic98, Does your kdk v56vk comes with any counterbalance plate/weight/stickers? Also, does your fan wobbles when switching on? Please advise. I have such problem with mine. Thanks.
  5. Congratulates to your new home. Enjoy your stay in hillview! Cheers!
  6. Hi, What is the space for your floor plan? Your 2 bedroom looks spacious. Also, which development in Hillview? Thanks.
  7. The width of my wooden door is too wide for the digital locking mechanism. Period.
  8. Hi, My wooden main door is unsuitable for the digital lock, nor I am keen in rim lock. I guess I have to stick to the manual lock then. Thanks for the GB initiative.
  9. Hi. Just to confirm and verify if the 5120 model is selling at 559 or 519sgd before negotiation? I went to ebay and the price shown is 519? Thanks.
  10. Hi Seashelll, CASE may or may not be effective. I have no first-hand experience, hence that will be an open answer. However, I am very sure of one thing - If you dun raise to CASE, making a police record or making a small-court tribunal claim; It's confirm USELESS. You reap what you sow. Yes, you are very correct and hit my spot - I should concentrate on my renovation. Jaskel has been delaying my job as he is over zealous with Uncle Soon's matter. I need to call him more frequent and urged him more. Lunar New Year is coming soon, I definitely not looking forward to be affected by Uncle Soon ripple effect. Good Luck.
  11. Hi Seashell, I am curious and will like to seek clarification on a few queries. You may wish to ignore my queries if you are feeling uncomfortable. 1. Have you lodge a formal police report? If yes, when was the lodged date and case number? 2. If no, why didn't you make a formal police report when your losses are great based on the above measly job done? 3. Do you have any transactional record/evidence to prove the amount of money you have paid for? (This will be helpful when you lodged/already lodged the police case) Having analyzing your past posts, you do not come across to me as a forgiving person or someone who will sits back and waiting for things to happen. I am really keen to know if you have taken up the most appropriate action as proposed/suggested by many forumers - Making a formal police report. If yes, that rests the case and I believe you have sought the best resolution to settle Uncle Soon's issue between you/your family and him. In addition, I will like to urge all affected home-owners to seek CASE or nearby Singapore Police Force/Post to make your police record for this event. This is getting out of hand, and the best way to resolve it is through proper channel. [My personal observation on Seashell (Mr. and Mrs)]:- (Disclaimer: Personal opinions and apologize if it's offending) If you really lost the reported amount of 18KSGD + Full Amount (assume 20KSGD) = Your total losses is approximately 38kSGD Based on your blog, past posts and threads - I believe you are very calculative person and indeed an unforgiving character. a) I am wondering why are you so upset with the 3kSGD when you are very well-aware that this sum of money is being utilized for a good purpose - making a home for JesslynTan family? b) I am also puzzled that the surplus 3kSGD was originated from another owner (Owner A). Having said that, if you wishes to spilt the 3kSGD fairly among the affected home-owners, you still need to consult the owner A approval and consensus. Have you made any attempt to speak to Owner A and understand the situation? In fact, Owner A should have the discretion to decide if the surplus should return to himself/herself instead going/flowing back to the main account? 3kSGD is a fair deal given the delay Handing Over date to Owner A; and Owner A has absolute right to demand Late H.O. penalty fees from Uncle Soon. Do you or have you ever look/review the whole situation from this perspective? c) JesslynTan and her family situation comparing to yours - Which is critical? Who needs greater assistance? How much longer you have waited comparing to her? How big is JesslynTan unit? If you make an apple-apple comparison; given the psf to date-of-completion; JesslynTan suffers more. d) I can feel and see you are feeling sour over the 3KSGD. You can just go on ranting over the 3KSGD. I am advising you to re-channel this energy to deal with the one who owns you a >18kSGD. This is called proper-accounting management. e) With due respect to you, I am 32 year old and I believe you might be senior than me - Take a step back, and please do take a fair bit of time to lodge a police record instead ranting here in the forum. Why waste bandwidth and time over here when you know that there are nobody but clones (from who I aint sure) coming here making unnecessary comments? f) One advise and repeated one - Make a police record if you have yet to make one. Good luck. Year 2010 is coming. Be gracious and compassionate. God Bless. Thank you.
  12. Hi Jaskel, Please kindly stop all your services to this group of affected home owners of Uncle Soon. Please kindly focus all your resource, time and thoughts on my home. I have been waiting patiently and really hoping to recieve my guests during year 2010 Lunar Chinese New Year. I am quite stress up these days as I did not see anything moving for my home. Hence, I am pleading to you to stop helping the others. Please concentrate and focus on me as I consulted and seek your help before this Uncle Soon's Saga begins. Thank you.
  13. Dear all, Jaskel has helped the affected Uncle's soon customers so much so it affects my home progress though I directly engaging Jaskel's assistance. I believe we are all adults and we can make our own judgement to decide if it's right or wrong. I can only say - A decision made, is our own responsibility and consequence. I am very unhappy now, coz my own home is not even ready for a Christmas. However, I am happy for people like JesslynTan who has her home by Christmas. I am unhappy but I dun blame Jaskel or anyone. I made my decision to engage Jaskel, and it is my responsibility to ensure everything is okay. I depend alot on Jaskel for I have very little knowledge and little time to do my home renovation. Let's be rationale and have a happy christmas for year 2009.
  14. Mine as before. I am still waiting for my new home to be ready before I can "sit in" the mattress with bed frame. Any discounts from Serta? If yes, I will go down again to squeeze.