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  1. Hi, It has been 8 years since I've renovated my house. Most of the furniture in my house are from Ikea and are still doing their job well. Recently I noticed that my billy bookcases are bending more and more due to the weight of the books they support and hence I think now is a good time to change them to better quality shelves. Been trying to find premade bookcases in SG with the following requirements: Modularity (ability to add on more units/shelves, either side by side or stack up) Space saving (I have 1k++ comic books and my wife numerous novels and other books) One design which I saw while surfing online is (see attachment), but I can't seem to find any importers or shops selling anything remotely similar. Is going custom-made the only option to go in SG?
  2. wah 60pages le, i need to do alot of catching up sia lolx. Visit too many forums liaoz = = Gaming - 6 forums Work - 3 to 5 forums (depending on project) Renovation - 1 forum Leisure - 4 forums Must cut down le :x
  3. wah lao how can you expose me like that? haha. hehe, no lah, not trying to chalk up posts. I find you quite familiar leh~ , might have met somewhere before sia, but forgot where le.
  4. Thanks all for coming for the housewarming (although my wife had said it le )
  5. My SFIV khakis will be coming too :3 Today is the 1st day that my house have 2 broadbands. Singnet and Starhub....
  6. Whoa the house really needs a huge revamp. Bro you using your dslr ah~~~~~. Btw this dust fan makes a nice bg texture sia. Maybe can kope from you next time haha
  7. Personal quick review of Storm Riders 2. CG - Quite ok Story - 90% of original story changed at least. WoW factor - None at all. Instead of "OMG" i get "what the heck am I watching this at least for 30+ instances during the film" Overall Verdict: 1/ 100 . DO NOT WATCH.
  8. Starhub...cos I am their existing customer so I pre-ordered wif them le...going to collect end of Dec
  9. Kopitiam owner need not be paiseh de :3 Recently i freaking busy sia. haiz many work but no pay T_T
  10. Neko demand picpics!!! XD~ Finally my current projects are coming to a close, can take a short breather liaoz.
  11. First of all, Linux is open-source, and so does most of its stuff. If you are comfortable with opensource stuff (which is usually free), have knowledge above than just installation of softwares, firing up internet browser for general surfing and office applications, Ubuntu might be a good choice. Pros of Ubuntu. 1) Free 2) Linux usually has little to no virus attacks. Cons of Ubuntu 1) Needs more knowledge to debug or fix issues on computer 2) Not many games/software supports linux. Yes linux does support tablet pc, but as with other OS too, you might need to find the correct driver for it.
  12. IE8? I find that IE8 still sucks. Kinda forced to use code to make all my websites render in IE7 format when viewed in IE8 in order not to break them. Why is it that everytime I script out a website I will need to code in extra hacks just to get them to work/look/feel the same just for IE = =. Most other major browsers don't suffer this problem that IE has... (be it Opera, Safari, Chrome, Firefox) I'm still using XP sia. Wait till windows7 is more stable first before i make the jump. Vista not really worth using for me cuz from XP to Vista it feels more like a downgrade rather than upgrade. So resource hungry and full of bugs... Actually most of the websites now are not as updated. Quite a number of them are developed a number of years ago, when IE was still the dominant browser over the now-non-existant Netscape Navigator/Communicator. Furthermore during that time IE had better compatibility with asp. All these browser inconsistencies happened due to the "Browser wars", where the 2 companies (Microsoft and Netscape) tried to control the web with their so-called browsers. They introduced script/code tags that are not compliant with the other browser, and renders common standard codes differently. Hence up till now we can still feel the aftermath of it, even though the W3C (a body which standardises every web technology now) has come up with a standards which all our future web technology will adhere to.
  13. Yep, ubuntu is like 'windows' for the Linux system. It gives the command prompt OS (operating system) a graphical user interface.
  14. Any modern browser is better than IE 100%. IE is the suck~iest browser ever invented. Each succeeding version tried to fix the bugs of its predecessors but end up breaking more stuff. Cannot imagine that I'm still developing website compatibility for the dreaded IE6... maybe I should join the team of designers/developers to ban IE6.
  15. Some newbie qn. Will new walls have develop hairline cracks after a couple of months?
  16. Hmm the common toilet mixer doesn't have the washer. The Poh Joo plumber took it out also to check. Quite an inconsistency I can say = = Washer with tape??? in common toilet tap. Poh Joo plumber says the washer itself should be black in color and not this. Poh Joo plumber said that the tape in time will spoil the tap when it breaks and gets into the internal mechanisms of the mixer. Broken washer with 2 pin-holes for water regulation. This is the culprit that made that wheezing sound, which is so loud that I can hear it at my front door as the tap is on over time. Also the reason why the water pressure of the shower head is so low.
  17. Wanted to give compliments to a shop, Lightings.com.sg for their excellent service and patience. In total they came down 3 times after delivering the lights. First time to change a light which is a wrong product type, Second to check on some lights installation and thirdly came over to check for the last time even though they are not the ones installing the lights. Kudos to them. Really good service and highly recommended for their lights. :3
  18. Hehe yeah my wife told me about that too, collect rental and drinks. Nowadays if I have sometime to spare I'll just grab a book and sit there to read lolx. My load took me years to collect de leh. Earliest comic book on my shelf is Doraemon from the 1980s~~~. Yeah true. Too long never do print liaoz. Also forgot that xerox will look much darker than on screen. Might need to change the picture saturation and do a reprint to match Speaking of Xerox~ing lolx. I remember the time when I went to the printing shop to print my cabbage. The layout artist and 2 customers (I presume are students/young designers) gave me that 'shocked' look when I ask to print my cabbage. They even asked me what the heck I use it for, zzzz. I cannot print anything I want meh, even if it doesn't look sleek and nice = =. Edit: correction is lettuce..... think I crave too cabbage too much liaoz~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cabbage soup~~~~
  19. Pm sent. Hope you received it as the post didn't get reflected in my sent box lolx.
  20. Hmm bro cuz most of my projects are from design agencies I cannot openly show them wor. Later pm you ba. Yep i do write actionscript. I'm in front-end development. More like a bridge in-between the designers and programmers. Technologies used/catered ah.. hmm got xhtml/css, flash (includes AS), cms templating for wordpress/drupal/ecarts etc. Design seldom do liaoz. Latest design work probably is my personal blog wor www.rin-wendy.com. Freaking long never update it >.>
  21. Kitchen Ikea ASKER series still holding well as a drying tray Even with the backsplash, I find that after every cooking have to scrub this area alot. White kitchen not easy to maintain. Sighz....Took measurement wrongly? The picture end up a bit shorter than expected T_________T
  22. Foyer area. Temporary shelving for my wife's numerous shoes. I only have 1x slipper, 1x running shoes, 1x other shoe for going out. Typical Nerd haha. Expedit bookcase at foyer... ...used to keep the little things we gave each other during courtship + some other stuff :3 Wide view of top 3 rows.