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  1. I agree that they are always good and bad experiences. The balance is very important, so as much as we highlight their weaknesses, we should also highlight the things that they did well too. This way potential customers will have a better idea of the Pros and Cons of engaging Tau.
  2. My shower screen from Tau has been giving me some problems, so I called Winson yesterday. He called his subcon immediately and gave me the subcon's number to arrange for a time, and it was fixed the same evening. Am quite pleased with the prompt after sales service...
  3. I've just moved into Sembawang Green, a new BTO flat, in dec, but the the toilet bowl flushing system has been down every 2 days. Anyone knows if the new toilet bowls are under warranty?
  4. I chose chrome, and totally regrets it now. I've just moved in during early dec, and it is starting to rust. Now having headache, cos its such a hassel to replace it. I'll choose SS if I'm you.
  5. Care, I'm not siding anyone, but i seriously feel that you are supporting Kelvin blindly. I don't think that yuenyuen or anyone else is wrong to list out their dissatisfaction here. If this thread only allows positive comments, and negative comments will be slammed, then this thread becomes a scam. It will defeat the purpose of this forum. You have the right to give your full support to Tau, but you can't expect anyone else to support them like you do. As customers, we have the right to expect reasonable turnaround time, and quality service/products. We are customers, not friends or fans of Tau. As Eugela said, if Tau or the supporters here continue to slam anyone here who do not give good comments, you are actually doing more harm to Tau.
  6. Ossify, they have HDB license, but they've requested us to write a cash cheque instead.. hai.. really hope this reno can be over soon, so that i don't have to deal with them any longer.
  7. When do you guys make 2nd payment to the contractor? My contractor has asked for 2nd payment before completing our carpentry works. Our HO has been delayed for 2 weeks, approaching 3rd week, while waiting for their carpentries to be up. Not mentioning the poor and rough workmanship. Is it the norm to make 2nd payment before they install the carpentry works completely? Or are they trying to take advantage of us?
  8. I'm also having lots of problems with Tau's carpentry works. Will be meeting uncle winson tmr to discuss. Really hope that it will be resolved soon.
  9. Hi, anyone tried re-laminating your new carpentry? I dont really like the ones thhat has been installed leh.
  10. Hi, anyone knows how long it will take to install carpentries?
  11. Hi Yuenyuen, received with thanks! I'm intending to move in Nov. I got no contacts for movers leh, cos intending to move ourselves, don't have much stuffs to bring along with us..
  12. Wah, can pass me the contact? Thanks! I'm going to install my lights tmr, so excited!~
  13. thats really fast! Btw, any recommendations for curtain makers?
  14. Do S&C always need 6-8 weeks before they can deliver the goods? Or do they have some ready stocks? Am intending to get sofa, dining table and coffee table from them, but can't afford to wait that long.
  15. ohh.. so you starting your reno already? thats really fast. You bought your lights already?
  16. ohhhh... should be quite fast. Uncle Winson is rushing already.
  17. Hi Yuenyuen, thanks, have installed the flat handle. Just went up to my new place to take a look today, almost all is ready, except for carpentry and the shower screens. So far, I'm very happy with whatever that has been done, it exceeds my expectation.. Hope it will remains this way till the reno is complete *cross fingers*
  18. Hey guys, ask u ar, what kind of light is suitable for round tempered glass dining table?
  19. Yuenyuen, did you change your bedroom doors? Did you take the normal round knob or the flat one?
  20. wahaha.. Newnyew.. You really too famous liao lah, your thread move so fast, very hard for us to track and read back. LoL.