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  1. not exactly a small job.. need to make a cylindrical structure.. estimate ard 20kg. those small tub from hardware store = cement.. not concrete mix Thanks anyway.
  2. Hi, anyone know where to buy Concrete Mix? i.e. those come pre-mixed then u just need to add water to form concrete.
  3. Hi, where can I buy those plumbing specific hardware? e.g. floor flange.. pipe nipple.. PM me if you have them for sale also.
  4. .. may I know what do you mean by block? using curtain? or seal off the window? I believe you would have position your bed in a location where it is favorable for sleeping and away from any direct sunlight.
  5. Hi, What I have heard about this 'room within a room' is.. there must be a formal door to the room within the room/walk-in-wardrobe. and there is a bed inside the room within the room...i.e. somewhere some place where the person can sleep. if it is simply a partitioned area without any door.. it doesn't signify a room. i.e. there won't be a 二房. and if there isn't a bed inside.. the person won't be staying/resting long inside that 'room within a room'. i.e. the husband/wife won't think of sleeping away from each other. And lastly.. back to the question, husband will have mistress or not.. are influenced by many many factors.. strength of marriage.. communication.. love.. personality.. family.. etc..etc..etc..etc.. IMO not just based on this 'room within a room' issue. Once again.. correct or not, I'm really not sure. Just sharing only. Cheers!
  6. Hi, What I have heard is.. It might be too 'windy' for any cooking. i.e. heat get dissipate away, affecting the cooking. Or might cause 'gas leak' if it get too windy during cooking. (pardon my lousy expression. ) I think this is quite a scientific reasoning. And if you choose to close the windows during cooking, your whole house will smell. Another thing I heard is.. Stove should be kept away from public viewing. i.e. if it is facing the windows, others that live near you or walk pass your kitchen, might be able to see it. As for reasoning, stove is the place you cook your meal. Food = your wealth. Not to be seen by others. Correct or not, I'm really not sure. Just sharing only. Cheers!
  7. Hi Mr Chong, I would to ask whether would it be 'detrimental' to myself if I just analyze other people's bazi without revealing anything to the person. (for learning purposes - I'm still a bazi newbie) E.g. my friends' birthday (with and w/o the time pillar) and my family members' bazi and/or anyone birthdate/bazi that I came upon. And for family members' bazi, is it also beneficial to me that they make a donation to any charity org, should I one day reveal any info to them or when they request me to read their bazi? Would sincerely like to hear your view on the matter. Do hope you can share with me. Thanks! * your PM inbox is full, so I decided to post here instead. Please delete if it is not appropriate. But please don't ignore. Thanks! Cheers! Freshy