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  1. Yes, your stove shouldn't face windows.
  2. Hi reading is alright but revealing must see you have the life for it. If not, you'll ask for trouble.
  3. Offhand, I don't know about these 2 dates you mention until I see the calendar. Normally, a good date selected already includes a good date with regards to your bazi. There's no such separation.
  4. Hello A compass that gives accurate readings. It can be any type with reasonable quality.
  5. Hello Generally it is ok to sleep. Why worry? I can't really say or agree that your bad luck has definite relation to your bed direction. It may be or may be due to other factors. It has to be investigated before conclusion.
  6. Hi I was told by the admin that during the upgrading they have removed those posts dated in 2006. When I have the time, I'll update the post.
  7. Hello I'm not sure either. Let me check out with the admin. Maybe lost due to upgrading recently.
  8. Hello Possibly bad. There are exceptional cases depending on the environment. Generally good to apply counter measures but need to understand floorplan layout etc.
  9. Hello 1) Yes, not 804 and 860. 2) 858 is preferred over 806. 3) Not really. It depends on what is or what will be opposite, the traffic flow, the topo, the level of your unit, the alignment of your unit and building etc. You'e welcome.
  10. Hello Any direction can be favorable and can be unfavorable. You should not be misled by the misconception of others. What will be built, what shape, how tall and terrain etc will need you to cross fingers. My comments now is on the basis that the CG is empty. As you just wanted a guide, that row will be better. Commonsense (FS sense) without further consideration in FS is not to face MRT/LRT lines. Bus terminal has polution and noise level. And the other end a mosque giving you another possible problem. You can however consider the back row 802-850 except the corners blks. This is just a guide. Any further explanation is just air talking without base. Hopr you understand FS is not so easy as explained by others.
  11. Hello If you want to treat it as official to open the door, simply pick up the tong sheng, select a day where there' "Yue De/ Tian De" can already. Just open it during the day. Noon time is good.
  12. Hello Pls refer to my pinned posts for info required for reno.