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  1. Blk 338 AMK Ave 1 St 32 #01-1647
  2. well, for my case my agent absorb the GST and my 1st appt is 6 week after i submit the application. in fact my 2nd appt is anotehr 6 weeks ut due to 7th month the owner and myself agreed to push the 2nd appt date after 7th month. For your case i think u can try ask teh agent to absorb the GST since there is so many corp up as a form of compensation? 1 % i think is a must to give the agent
  3. yea, go S&C take a look. frankly speaking they are doing long term business and not there to cheat here and there. U can see from here mostly are positive comments and compliments about S&C. NOt that i wanna prasie them but they are "serious" about business. For me, i trust them.
  4. Any recommendation? Budget around 600 bucks 2 door? I fine with any brans so long is good? reliable?
  5. Actually your price is already discounted cuase is already a package deal. If not try buy 1 by 1. the price will be higher
  6. Hi All, does anyone knows which type of Nippon Paint can so call prevent lizard from "running" around the house? Heard from friend there are but not too sure which type is it cause he bought it sometime back. 1 more Professional Question/ Advise. How much pails are needed base on ..... 5 Litre per pail x 2 coating over the wall for a 5 room 118 Sqm HDB flat base on 1 colour only. Thanks
  7. mist98


    Saw this promotion 2 montsh back and they say is ending July so gra it while it last. LOL If u look at the bedframe and the sofa the quality not really good. ut they have this Mattress promo quite attractive. I think is half the price if u get the package. Also if u do not like the sofa etc u can trade for another sofa there. Just top up the price diff.
  8. Guys, Any Promotion or Warehouse sales coming up to share? Thanks
  9. Anyone knows if my 3 bedroom aircons need to shift location ut still within the room how much does it cost? est price?
  10. Any painters to Intro? how much they charge for a 5 room flat? Thanks
  11. Actually those HDB ones also cheap like AMK S&C they do have some of those big showroom design too