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  1. Has anyone used gold pines ? Can share the review? Thanks
  2. Need some advice on the payment terms for carpentry works. Is it norm to ask for 50% deposit? Is there any accreditation for carpenters?
  3. Ivy, Can pm me the list of good fengshui masters email: chinchoont@yahoo.com.sg? Thanks
  4. Can quote me Mit Inverter Multisplit Starmax (for 2 bedrooms)ModelMXY-2E20VA/2XM8Y-GE10VA(equipment and installation)? Can you also state what are the materials used, insulation, Armafex class, etc? Thanks
  5. Hi, Ivy Only received the list of bad fengshui masters. Can you also send me the list of good fengshui masters? Do you know anyone who is very accurate? I have consulted 2 fengshui masters and feel that some predictions are accurate but some not so. Hope to find one who can predict with high accuracy. Also, there are some similiar advise and some conflicting ones. Not too sure who to follow. Thanks
  6. Hi Ivy, can u email(chinchoont@yahoo.com.sg) me the list as well? thanks alot!