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  1. A fire engine came @ abt 1015pm to put off a fire @ blk 26D ground floor central rubbish chute.
  2. So we can reflect all our feedback on the quality of the flat, estate, etc ... in the survey. Hopefully HDB can improve it. I also saw a section to ask for the service staff feedback. Perhaps those have comment (ie: on Karin) can indicate accordingly. The cleanliness of the ground floor should be flagged to their attention. Sometimes can smell urine .. n at times can see dog waste ... n morning can smell the rubbish (when the rubbish are cleared by the workers) when going to work. Such a 'healthy' environment. Of course our security concerns (ie: crime rates) too.
  3. Just to share, The uncle actually showed us a notice from the police. I checked with the police on these bolts n told the police about the notice. The bolts were not secure. In fact it is not right for uncle to show the police notice as a sales/marketing tool. The uncle also 'pester' us when we ignore his knocking on the door when it was opened. He kept coming back n keep knocking. irritating.
  4. Me too! When I requested to inspect the towel racks, the 'boss' stared at me. As I found some faults with the units, and requested for new units even from other branches, he said in a rudely tone "no more stock, and its troublesome". Even when my husband requested for a calendar in a polite way, the 'boss' did not responded to him. This pissed us off. Should have not get the racks. By the way, the racks were not straight when we mounted to our walls. Really regretted getting frm this shop with all these nonesense.
  5. I have 1 brand new HDB sink (blue colour) to let go. U keen?
  6. I have 1 BRAND NEW aluminium retractable clothes hanger to let go due to limited space available. Pls pm me your highest bidding price.
  7. Just to clarify, these are not addition options. The supplier will based on these parameters to compute the cost. (ie: the higher the rack, the more ex. the longer the rack the more ex. the better the quality of wood, the more ex. the more shelves, the more ex. etc ..). Without these information, the supplier cannot quote us the price. Of course it is unlikely all of us will come to 1 or 2 sets of parameters due to our different needs. Hence i though we can do a quick poll to see which are the few most popular options. If need be, we can stick to the most popular options (mayb 1 to 3 sets?). To give you a feel, let me quote you an example: Rectangle Rack 72" x 48" x 24" with 4 shelves of 12 mm PVC plywood thickness approx cost $120. For those who are visiting the showrooms, can you pls do us a favour by taking measurement of the bomb shelter (H x L x B) for 4 rooms and 5 rooms layout, so that we can have a close estimation if our preferred measurement is feasible. # Perhaps those interested, you can start to ponder which are their preferred options and update the in name list (see my response in #8: S8: 80" L-shaped, M1:PVC, L2:5, D1 or D3) accordingly.
  8. With reference to the bomb shelter rack bulk purchase, guess it will be better to focus on our needs of the rack parameters (fixed measurement, material used, delivery & installation, ..) to facilitate the supplier hunting. Poll Shape: S1) Rectangle - H72" x L48" x B24" S2) Rectangle - H72" x L48" x B20" S3) Rectangle - H80" x L48" x B24" S4) Rectangle - H80" x L48" x B20" S5) L-Shape (Wall to Wall) - H72" (Subject to exact L and B given) S6) L-Shape (Wall to Wall) - H80" (Subject to exact L and B given) S7) L-Shape - (H72" x L46" x B20") + (H72" x L48" x B16") S8) L-Shape - (H80" x L46" x B20") + (H80" x L48" x B16") Material M1) 12mm PVC Plywood (white) M2) 12mm plywood Shelves L1) 4 L2) 5 Delivery & Installation As this is a bulk purchase, it requires Delivery & Installation to be done on the same day in order to qualify for the discounted price. Since we have different moving dates, it is quite unlikely that all of us can compromise to a fixed date. We have the following option: D1) Delivery & Installation on a fixed date (think more feasible for early installation) D2) Delivery & Self Installation (heard its not hard to DIY) D3) Self Collection & Self Installation (May have further disc) Pls feel free to add if I miss out anything. 1. Moonbell - B 2. h4happy - B 3. kriegs - B 4. Cindy - Monkeybone - A 5. Simpleboi - 6. Genevie - B 7. Nemofc - B 8. Ribenaberry - S8: 80" L-shaped, M1:PVC, L2:5, D1 or D3 9. Jasch - 10. ZLia - 11. Binzz - A 12. OnePostWonder - B 13. Dorcas - 14. Pert - A 15. saeran-B 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.
  9. Moonbell - B h4happy - kriegs - B Cindy - Simpleboi - Genevie - Nemofc - Ribenaberry - B Jasch - ZLia - Binzz - OnePostWonder - Dorcas - Cindy-Monkeybone - A Pert - A
  10. Int. in Storeroom rack Moonbell h4happy kriegs Cindy Simpleboi Genevie nemofc ribenaberry Maybe we can get bulk purchase on other stuff as well. * Solar film * LCD * Hob & Hood * Washing Machine Of course subject to the brands, esp on the last 3 items.