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  1. Would like to get a quote for System 4 inverter, preferably 22-24k for living room. Am eyeing Toshiba or Daikin. 

  2. Hi All, Would like to know if any one have any ideas about this SIlent Juicer currently sold at shopping centre like Robinsons. Heard that it was quite expensive but here were several brands out there. Care to share if you currently own one? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi Jamis

    Hi Jamis

    I am looking for a front loading washer. Did you buy Panasonic, which model?


  4. I bought my Panasonic washer 8kg model for $950, 3 years warranty plus $100 NTUC voucher, a great deal I believe

  5. Hi. Do let me know where you purcahsed your panasonic washing. I was introduced to it yesterday. Was initially considering the LG 1070 which cost only 549. Panasonic is at 999. However the energy rating is A+++ vs A+. I am not sure how much can be saved over the lifespan of the washing machine

  6. My MIL bought, less than 1 month Kaput!! Motor faulty!! but the say something else.
  7. my take ...Panasonic for electric water heater, Rinnai for Gas heater.
  8. 1400rpm is the max spin speed for drying not the wash speed.
  9. seriously, have anyone out there heard of a faulty KDK fan unit?? I mean minus the RC.
  10. PLease search & read all postings on MitXXXXX AC, you'll be amaze by their quality issues...
  11. For reliability, only choice would be KDK. Probably find another way or alternative to install your lights. My experience tells me that KDK is still the best, you'll not look back. FYI, I am not from KDK, my whole house, wall , stand fans are all KDK, they NEVER EVER FAILED me. Just my 2 cents, cheers!
  12. Rinnai Gas (analog) water heater I believe is still the most reliable brand. Have been using it for the last 13 years. Just 2 years back, the battery depletes faster than normal (2 X D size), normally takes about 8 months for an Eveready Heavy duty, now its 1 month change once. Can't be bothered to repair it and I got a D size adapter which can take AA size batt, made use of rechargeable batts and there it goes, recharge batt every month. So far so good. Till unit breakdown then might consider a Rinnai Digital one.
  13. Yes, have purchased the washing machine. In my opinion, I think it is an awesome washer, very quiet, spins dry and clean. Have not check power consumption as just purchased less than 2 weeks. I bought it at a much cheaper price. Let me know if you would like to know price and place I bought. I'll PM you. Btw, I thought the promo is till end of Oct??