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  1. Hi Jaskel, you mean if the electrician charged 600 for changing all switches to clipsal? Not too sure though. Got to clarify that with ID again. Total quote is 1.9K (including the 600 for clipsal) which I thought is sky high compared to others stated in this forum. Anyway I told ID to KIV the clipsal switches first while I try to get more info. The other electrical work had already completed yesterday. Appreciate all help here..
  2. Thanks for sharing the shops. I will go check out this weekend. Hopefully saved some hard earned $$
  3. Hi, a friend of mine is going to start his reno. Would you be kind enough to pm your ID contact?
  4. Hi, got a quote from ID's electrician charging 600 for changing all switches to clipsal. Didn't really count how many switches I have in the house but my gut feel the quote is high. Intend to get the switches myself then pass to electrician for installation. Is this a normal acceptable practice? Is clipsal good? Where to get them at good price?
  5. Hi IceBlue, the sink looks almost the same. Good to hear that it is easy to wash and not too prominent to scratch. Most probaby also due to the color you have choosen.
  6. I am sorry to read abt your unpleasant reno experience. I hope you will get the dream home you desired after all the jazz. Mind pm me the id firm that you engaged?
  7. Hi, care to share how much you paid for the V56VK?
  8. Thanks all! I think I will go with it as I like it to look fresh with the dash of yellow (but the yellow is not the hum-sup type of yellow color hor.. hehe) Anyway once the revised 3D is out I should have a better visual. Kopi, dun feel sad la....haha...
  9. Oh...thank you.. so the name is really Kaki Bt Runos Whse huh.. I though you were trying to describe the whse somewhere near Kaki Bt & Eunos in your earlier thread lei..
  10. Thanks Kopi. You are always so helpful. Hi New, after looking at your place I am sure you definitely have better color sense than me. I checked through but yellow backsplash is not a popular choice here. What do you think abt white/red/yellow combi? All comments are welcome. 请指教.
  11. Hi New, how's the wind if you only on 1 fan? I am looking for ceiling fan for bedrooms so 1 should be enough le. $89 fan is cheap lei. Saw in other folders Elmark is one of the mentioned brand lor. Do you still have the address or tel of the shop you bought from?
  12. Hi Kopi, I am using bright yellow (like banana color) as my backsplash. cabinet using white glossy. Thinking of adding some splash of red color to cabinets aftr seeing the kitchen of SuperSimon.. Any comments?
  13. Hi New, the lighted kitchen is very chio lei! First time see this concept wor...maybe i sua ku but I think it is just cool! Btw how does the lighted background works huh? light bulb hide behind the glass panel? If yes will it be very bulky? And how easy to change bulb when required? I am doing glass backsplash for my kitchen. This idea can consider wor..
  14. Hey thanks man! Wouldn't have found the place without your help this afternoon. Shortlisted a nice lighting for my dining area le and price is quite good! Btw I read they do not give further discount so no need to bargain with them right?