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  1. The shipping is not too ex if u go by actual weight of the package as compared to volumetric weight. I used this guy for my Taobao purchase before and quite straightforward. Maybe u can contact him at his FB page (https://www.facebook.com/oops.sg) for more info.
  2. Saw alot of double sided clocks in China website Taobao.com. Not too sure abt the quality but the price is quite cheap. Just search for 双面钟.
  3. Nice place! We got very similar designs ^_^
  4. Hi timothy27, saw that u are using Invor laminates. Are they giving u a matching skirting?
  5. Saw it in Alexander. Can check out the online catalogue as well.
  6. The pic is from IKEA iirc... $300+ Really hard to find a nice canvas this big though...
  7. can share how much u got it for? considering this model as well.
  8. Played with that thought too but what if no one there and the lights auto on? Abit eerie right even thought it could be a faulty sensor.
  9. Thanks for clarifying. I thought green is nice as well. Just curious, is there green chalkboard paint?
  10. Admirer of your t-blog here ^_^ You mentioned that your ID got u the green chalkboard and u had it painted? I thought u bought the chalkboard paint and paint it yourself? A little confused here...
  11. Hi Aron, kindly PM me quote for system 4 and system 3, thank you