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  1. No one engage Nicholas before? I have been waiting for his quote since last sat till now. He promised to provide the quote within 3-4 day but when i msg and he keep delay and with the reason of quite tight up with schedule. Do u think i shld get another designer to provide me quote instead?
  2. Hi, can i know whose house done by Nicholas here? Is he good? Also any 1 can contribute some comments and the pic for ur house that done him. Thanks in advanced....
  3. Hi there, Is it possible for u to share your ID contact? Thanks in advance. Cheers...
  4. Hi Ivy, Can pm me the list FSMs . thanks!!!
  5. Hi mae, Nice reno for ur house, do you mind to share ur id and the reno cost to me? Regards, Alex
  6. I like ur design and reno of ur house, do you mind to share how much u spend on ur reno include carpentry? Which ID u choose in the end? Thanks Alex
  7. thats fast. Must think of a way to prevent this. btw can i know the total amt u spend on ur reno?
  8. I also bought the same fromthe same model as urs the only thing i bought from another company. According to them, as long i make a ful payment b4 31st oct, i'm eligible for this offer. Do check with GC for this since u under cc installment that consider full payment for GC. Gd luck to u...
  9. Just bought the LG Heath Sys 3 (2x 9k + 1x 12k btu) from expo deco fair from AllBest after compare the price with GC. Upgrade the Compressor to 30k btu as the sales person from GC and AllBest recommeded cos the LG model that i purchase can be support system 4 with 1 compressor ONLY with the config ( 3x9k + 1x18k btu) in case i need it in the near future, i only need to purchase the additional blower will do.
  10. Finally got my key on 15 June 2010. Still sourcing ard for contractor for my house. Currently got quite a tight budget so need to spend more time to look for it.
  11. Hi Bro, Can i have the contact for Aron.... need to get the quote for sys 3 or sys 4 non inverter. Thanks.....
  12. I did check with Pluch ID as well and their quote is on a high side. lots different from other quote i have.
  13. Carpentry work only for $20k+? Seem like on a high side.
  14. Hi Ivy, Can send me the bad and good FSM list to me as well. I need it for my new place cos need to plan my reno soon. Thanks
  15. Samgalz, Roughly how much they quote u for ur reno? R u going to fully renovate ur place?