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  1. There is sticky tape removal? Actually I love magic clean, it is really good for dust, but have to use alot initially to clean a dusty house but it works better than vaccum somehow. I tried my new marble floor cleaner, really nice with waxy feel.
  2. 31x or 32x bah. This area pretty nice and quiet. Lived around this area for years. But too bad I am not an east ender.
  3. House will still be dusty no matter how much the contractor help to clear. Best to do 1 time cleaning esp in the wordrobe and cabinets. Surface may seems clean but when we were cleaning and washing the cloth and mops, we see dark the water becomes. Hire cleaning service on the HO am, to walk through and clean the same time, so any flaws can be seen easily. It saves you cleaning time and still can move in the next day.
  4. No lah.. he usually gives x number depending on the total cost of the house curtains. If below certian price dun have of course.
  5. Mr Chew did try to promote his purple dim out to one of my bedroom who has silver and purple theme, but I chose a dark silver curtain with dots in circular pattern. We wanted to put a purple day curtain with a tint of silver in that bed room but decide to save money and veto using day curtains.. My MBR we went for vertical black and white and see through lines instead. The day curtains cost more than the dimout.. Mutter. But The effect is good. Oh yeah, if possible, ask mr Chew to give dark pillows.. My whitish silver pillows got dirty easily,
  6. U also got ur curtains from Mr Chew? I put my day curtains over this so now my mbr looks different. I almost used froggy's mbr curtains for one of my bed room but it was abit too dark for the room.
  7. I think the gal's room curtains is my mbr dim out.
  8. Soap stains are greyish white, normal dust are grey, dried water stains are roundish grey white. Hm... Black and white good for spot checking toilet cleanilness.
  9. I sticked afew MMM s hooks all over the house. I have mainly stick them on my wash and wear smooth plastered walls and solid surface stands. I did not stick any of my tiles as they are not those super smooth types. So far they have no signs of falling down. I think they works best on those old type of smooth smooth flat surface tiles. I also ks. I used the heavier duty ones for light stuff too so to not stress the hooks..
  10. Sammy ah.. green is not my color. It is makeing more orange, Fired up to make my next goal to get a landed ppty! . Me no WIW only got bathroom door facing robe door. It is worse if i air the wordrobe. My place is windy but the wind is from the sea, so it is pretty moist. That is also one of the reason y my hippo gel is always gone.. Is there going to be a big mirror in the WIW, need to have a big inuff mirror to do some serious narcissistic acts. Hm.. ottoman good.. after too many changes need to take a break before round 2 .. err 3 err 4 errrrrrr..
  11. WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.... OMG!!! SHRIEKS!!!!!!! *Do a Jiggle* *Wave hands in the air* Heineken enough???? I LOVE LOVE LOVE the big space in your WIW! I think ur WIW and bathroom is bigger than my MBR with toliet. Do be careful to keep the vanity really dry after each use or else the water vapour will go to the WIW and the clothes and may have eau du mould effect. My bathroom door is facing my wordrobe and I have just replaced 1 box of the hippo dehumidifier thingy.
  12. Actually unless u get MR Chew to come during weekdays, he still can make it, but weekends unless u book weeks before then he has the time. I usually arrange 1 to 2 weeks advance for weekends and try to work around his time as I have alot of curtains, bamboo chicks and rollerblinds. He had came up to my place like 4 times since the start to the end to do the most critical first (for needed privacy and afternoon sun block out) then the rest when it is still livable without curtains such as living rooms and other cooler rooms and day curtains.. All on the weekends, thats y my curtains took like 1mth++ to be totally up. Anyway he will only come up to the residence when the first coat of actual paint colors is up.
  13. My hubby decided on the fridge and washing machine. I just have the choice of colors. Btw, there are more male chefs than female chefs. So essentially guys should be a better cook leh.. flamedav, for me it is more of local food craving that makes me cook often..
  14. NICE!!!! So much better than before. Good Job!!! Please take a nice pic of ur battub!! Esp when it is filled up!
  15. oui oui. I already stayed at my new place 1 mth liao. I got curtains, roller blinds and bamboo chicks.. Cannot afford too expensive so have to go for the cheapest option. My living room looks so masculine after my curtains are up. My hubby love the effects... I only have 1 room that is remotely more gu niang, My guest room . I wish my kitchen is as big as yours though. All the space and nice nice red and black and white design. I only have 1 small cream colored kitchen.