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  1. Hi, I hope I am in the right forum for this post. After months of waiting and finally the wedding, I am finally ready to move in the my new place. Just got a mover last night, but he told me he will not be responsible to unmount and mount the LCD TV. Does any of the forumer face with this situation? Do you try to DIY or engage another contractor to unmount and mount the TV? I did see some tutorial in some sites. Is it difficult?
  2. After xmas, the day for carpentry has finally came. First is the living room. We have the feature wall and shoe cabinet fixed up. Work in progress: Final product:
  3. While the ceiling and masonry works were going on, we work on the shopping spree to get the following fixtures for our contractor to fix for us. 1. Amasco Ceiling fan 2. Instant water heater 3. Bathroom accessories 4. Lightings from Light Palace at Balestier - Few light bulds not working, went back for exchange. 5. Air conditioning. 6. Turbo wok All this work completed in late October. While this is going on, we were working on the design and material for our carpentry. The carpenter had informed us that the work will start in after X'mas in Dec. So the house was left idling for the next 1-2 months.
  4. My last post was in more than 3 months ago in Sept 2010. The renovation is coming to an end soon. Yes, the project is not still on-going, I have yet to furnish the house I will do a quick run up on the progress made so far. The ceiling and masonry works completed in about 3-4 weeks time. I do not have much problem with the contractor for the whole duration, except some minor issue with the false ceiling. Quality is good, keep the place tidy, and work according to schedule.
  5. Hi fellow forumer, I was told by the shopkeeper that Turbo these days, not as lasting. It last for about 2 years. How true is this, because I was considering using Turbo for my new flat..
  6. Hi Frederick, can post or PM me your picture of swing TV console? I had just started my reno at LG and looking at this design
  7. Hi Zio, you might to try mine. Yong Hon Reno Trading Co. Mrs Foo, 97313476 One thing though... don't rush them. I am quite surprise when I visit the place one of the days, and see the husband-and-wife team laying the tiles themselves. That set my heart at ease. That mean that the boss has the self-interest that the tiles is laid properly, to minimise the rework later. They also took a longer time to do the job. Unlike the other contractor that may shortcut the process, place the cement, then the tiles on top. The other thing, the carpentry is done by another person, a good friend of theirs.
  8. Went down this afternoon, and notice that the flooring work has not started yet. The false ceiling with wiring is completed though. Attached is the photo taken for the work-in-progress ceiling work. Believe I should have the flooring and ceiling work fully done up when I next visit the place. So this weekend, I have to start shopping for aircon, lighting, ceiling fan, bathroom accessories. Going to be a busy weekend ahead.
  9. Hi, I will be starting the flooring work tmr. I like to know from the fellow forumers, what are thing to look out, when I go and check on the work done. 1. What I can think of is, the gap between tiles. It should not be too big a gap. But if it is already tiled up when I go visit the place, don't think there is anything I can do right? 2. Look for hollow sound underneath the tiles. What other things should I be looking at?
  10. Thanks for the welcome note... i will start off with the floor plan. It is a small unit with low ceiling. Initially I was reluctant to do any kind of false ceiling. After some reconsideration, decide to go with a small section of false ceiling in the TV area in the living room, for aesthetic reason
  11. Hi, I have been reading this forum since I collected the key in March. Yes, that was 1/2 ago. Finally, I have started my reno journey yesterday. I have decided to start this blog to share my experience. The last 2 months, I have started to invite contractors for quotation, finally deciced 1 of them, highly recommended by my colleague. The price is about 50% cheaper as compared to those quoted by IDs. I will upload the photo over the next few days and the renovation progress
  12. toyshop

    Kdk Fans

    Yeo99, is there any transportation charge for fan purchase alone? What other items does the shop sell?
  13. Hi SummerHoliday, I about to purchase my LED lighting from Palace Light. The guy who serve me sound nice. When you said metal holder rust, you mean the the LED plate holder or normal ceiling light? I believe none of us want to purchase a lighting with rusty exterior in less than 1 yr. Did the shop do anything about it?
  14. Hi, I have just contacted this renovation co. Yong Hon. Price seems reasonable. Does anyone here engage them before and has any feedback?