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  1. Hi Ecnalx, can I have the contacts for contractor N and PTL (fb page name?) for their project viewing. Thank you! Looking forward to your complete reno journey, yr living rm is how I want mine to be too.
  2. Hi cafehouse, can I have Con C contact details pls? My fav is the living rm and dry kitchen, hopefully can do something similar for my bto which comes with open kitchen concept which HDB is turning to thanks!
  3. Hi prideguy, can I get the quotation given? Looks like home is located at keat hong area. Thanks
  4. Hi fifteen, may I know the contact and name of the firm too? Thank you for your sharing with us your journey.
  5. Hi muffin. I browse thru their fb page and found your project, simple and elegant. Is it okay if you share with me the quotation? I have something similar in mind. Thank you!
  6. Hi Bubee, can pm me your contractor details as well? Based from pics, looks like from K**** Art, wanna double confirm as I would like to engage his services. Thanks!
  7. Hi Brendabb, Im interested in your contractor. Pls either pm or email me at melayu11@gmail.com. Thank you!