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  1. Hi Do anyone has contact of a good landscape company? I have 2 planters which I need landscape company to do up.
  2. Hi Pls recommend a company that cleans & sanitize sofa, mattress & carpet & gives good rate for their service.
  3. Hi, I'm advised by my ID to get Relite hugger due to low ceiling height. Is hugger capable to generate strong wind like the normal type with long rod?
  4. Already bought my stuff last weekend at Sansei Sales. Thanks.
  5. Hi, I went to Ideal Standard at Balestier last week. They are having 20% discount for their products. They sell wall to floor standing WC & Geberit system. They quoted me separately for the items. So I presume they can sell WC without Beberit.
  6. Hi Pantieileen Where did you get your Geberit & Johnson suisee from? Hi Kardtoon & Ourlivingspace, I wish I can afford Duravit. Guess 1 WC + Geberit system will cost more than $1k?
  7. Hi, Any recommendation for wall hung WC? Which brand is reliable & where can we get them from? My contractor has advised me to get Geberit flusing system for concealed WC. Where can I get it from?
  8. Hi, We are considering wall hung WC (conceal) for our house. Any reliable brand to recommend and which shop offers the best price? My contractor mentions about Geberit. Is this a brand for WC or just the flushing system?
  9. Looking for WC & wash basin. Is TOTO brand good? any feedback?
  10. Go to Interior Affairs. They are the wholesaler while the one at IMM (asia excel) is just a distributor for Interior Affairs. They have basin & shower mixers with 30% to 35% discount. Shower sets too.
  11. I'm looking for tiles for kitchen, bathrooms, car pouch & Marble for living & dinning. Planning to visit White horse but saw some negative comments. Besides Soon Bee Huat & Hafary, any other reputable tile supplier?
  12. Hi, I went to a kitchen showroom to get ideas for my kitchen. This kitchen specialist has advised me that it is not advisable to use glass backsplash for the stove area. The glass will crack if we cook at high fire. If we are using induction stove, then it will not be a problem. Is this true?
  13. I have just appointed an Interior Designer for my house renovation. He will design & get contractors to bid for my project. Once I have appointed my contractor, I will let you know.
  14. Hi Reno Guru & Zhiz, Pls pm me your ID contacts. I'm looking for one who has experienced in Terrace house to do design, submit approvals, handle bidding from few contractors & oversea the whole reno process.
  15. Hi, I'm doing reno work for my terr (no tear down & extension) but a major overhaul on the interior & car pouch & garden. I need a designer who can design, get PE to submit for approval (if neccessary), get builders to submit for tenders & willing to oversea the renovation work. Any recommendation? Pls PM me.