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  1. i think people who are not superstitous dont even read about feng shui. ANyway, if u dont feel comfortable with the house, get someone to audit it. If there is a need, do a simple cleansing ritual. The house may or may not be haunted. But if a simple ritual can put ur mind to peace, do it. Otherwisw, your mind will always be wandering. Even if there is no ghost, u probably will scare yourself constantly.
  2. from fengshui point of view, wind chimes is actually a double edge sword. Can help or destroy. The fengshui mater i went to, he mentioned if i place one in my living room, it can "activate" a fortune channel, unfortunately, it will be an "insurance fortune". Not the kind of money i want, so ask me don't put it.
  3. actually i dont find it offending to advertise here if the master is truly that good. There might be someone out there who really need similar help, and by sharing your experience, u might have just saved a few more poor souls.
  4. like what blueocean said, do it yourself, don't get agents involved is the best good luck
  5. it depends on the resolution u r going into for the fengshui. The "macro" Feng shui for the project as a whole must be good to start with. If you go into the "micro" part, then its another art. From your personal and family members' elements, their respective favourable directions (and if the chosen unit complement the favoured directions), shape of the unit ( dun chose 1 that looks like a pistol/chopping knife shape ), to furnishing like colours, dinning table position, your sleeping position, and from my gathering of info, the position of the STOVE is one of the most MOST important thing to note. U can have almost a perfect fengshui for your house, but a wrong stove position can potentially destroy all the good things that u done.
  6. Take a look at the home and furnishing exhibition at expo now. Their system 3 inverter are all below $3k. Right now they are providing free installation. Class "1" is the common standard provided from most air con sellers. They are fire-resistant and pass HDB standard. The insulation i got , as part of the promotion, is the Class "0" type, where the material is better which are usually for industrial usage.
  7. One way to do it is to organise house viewing yourself. Then inform an agent of your choice that u had found a buyer yourself. All u need him to do is to settle the paper work and u pay him 1%. Many agents will accept the job becos they no need to prepare and spent time to do marketing. And they all have contacts with lawyers. So paperwork for private property is really much simpler than of HDB. Depends on how urgent u need to offload. If u are willing to settle for a price slightly lower than market rate or your property is very popular, u can tell Buyer to partial pay the commission also. Anyway, people always say real property situation lag 3 to 6 months behind the stock market performance. If u follow the stock market, u will know how the property market is about to take place towards end of the year.
  8. i saw on paper today a few brands on offer for system 3 is about $2500-$2700 now. System 4 $3300 to $3500 can get. Unless u get a higher end one like Fujitsu which is abt $3800 to $4000 which has a BTU level of 34.5k
  9. There is an design and decor exhibition at singapore expo now. i got it from there. The range they offer are all about the same price for system 4. +/- difference is about $100 across the few brands.
  10. inverter air con more or less are the same. See whether u lucky or sway kena a lemon, and the need to service periodically. all the best
  11. hmz...not sure the exact unit. But it is near the small chinese temple built below a BIG tree. Few years back there was a controversy about removing that tree. It was retained after all. The 3 doors Mitsubishi model with the new graphite finishing caught mine eyes. I had roamed Audio House, Courts, Mega Discount Store and a few small time outlets, that shop gave the best offer at mid $700. Most of the places are offering mid $800 after discount.
  12. I just bought a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries unit, so i sure recommend that also..haha.. But seriously, it's pretty good. Last time my ex-gf, now my wife, got this brand for her house also. And she don't even know air-con need to be serviced. It was left running for like 3+ years before it leaked water. And that brand was recommended by her then contractor who is also a friend. It was a single unit, still working strong at the 5th year mark, but was replaced to a Carrier System 2...which is....erm..not as good for us. So now we are going back to MHI again. According to the sales man, its compressor has one of the highest capacity at 32k for system 4; 3 x 9000 and 1 x 18000. It is suitable for flats with big living hall and smaller rooms. However for some, design of the air con is significant to them. If so, then plain jane MHI air con units will be out of the list.
  13. Mega Discount Store has some good value LCD/Plasma for sales. However their fridge and washing machines are not very attractively priced. I came across a shop house electrical shop in Toa Payoh Central. Their fridges, with full warranty, are the cheapest. However they accept no card, no NETT no nothing, only cold hard cash ..hehe
  14. If that is your configuration then u need at least a 28k compressor. I think Mitsubishi Electric StarMex is 28k. I just got a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries at $3399 and top up $300 for 5 yrs warranty.