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  1. wear a mask....clear the bottle trap for the sink...i think it should solve the issue. my old house toilet sink start to have this issue after 4years....then after clearing...no more issue...
  2. at ease now.......moving to new home on wed....ceiling fan install yesterday....
  3. if like that i die liao...because i install 5....
  4. hi headstomp, thanks for the reply...did you manage to find the hdmi via network?
  5. great...i think my earlier post have answer your question since you're taking a bank loan. i doubt there is any way to negotiated for the payment date. All the best for your dream house. with the info here share by us, i think u have a better picture. will this info, i suggest it is good to talk to ur agent to explain to you while you can also approach any banker to ask them for an ipa(in princple approval) and explain the processs to you. so if all tally, then i presume you are safe to go...
  6. i know....i saw at ikea 19-25 dollars...quite big..they put tested for bathroom.....i still find it too big for toilet
  7. me too but i only start to learn this recently for my new house haha....since have 2compressor i tap from the db box for the 2isolator with 2 20a switch. goes work off it..balek kampong on it... really need to learn how to save the electricity bill
  8. i thought nowadays seller need a cooling period of 7days. ur point 1 and 2 seem need to be confirm.. point 4 is right.... point 5 i can't tell you more as i have not been in that stages. my 2nd appointment went smoothly. but if you defer the 2nd appointment during the 1st appointment then it is okay. because usually after the 1st appointment then u proceed to the lawyer firm. during that time u need inform the lawyer about it if 2nd appt is schedule already, lawyer has been informed already then i'm not sure as i have mention, i have not been thru that stage. maybe it is good that you tell us your whole picture or rather you tell us all the scenario that you can virtually think of...that will be easier to help as so many ppl is trying to help u....
  9. if you're taking hdb loan, i suggest u follow what marshmallow has said.... but i doubt you're eglible for hdb loan unless your spouse is a local 1) Getting the option to purchase - 1000 (cash / cheque) you're right 2) Excercising the option - 4000 (cash / cheque) you're right 3) First Appt - 10 % of CASH. (my doubt is CASH = DOWNPAYMENT + COV or only COV) i don't remember paying any cash on the 1st appointment. However you must pay the cov + 20% since your cpf fund is not sufficent, minus the 5k u pay on No 1 & 2. this payment will have to be made to the laywer firm that you engage via the bank or u engage urself. usually 8-10working days before your second appointment. 4) Second Appt - MISC + REMAINING 2nd appointment just pay the property tax to the owner. infact if you're taking bank loan, you do not have to turn up for the 2nd appointment. just authorised ur agent to collect the key to you. usually the tax amount should not be high if you're on the year end. i paid only about 15bucks during dec takeover. what i have mention here is just FYI, h*b regulation change like the baby diaper therefore, it is still advisable to consult your banker on the actual process.
  10. no bank loan for the cov part. 20% of valuation 300k 5% cash = 15000 assuming u have enough 15% cpf. 5% 15K + cov 20K = 35K cash. usually 5k deposit for excerise otp. this 5k subsequent will be deduct from the 35k cash. hope it helps
  11. very big house and big effort u spent in ur reno. thumbs up.......did the reno cost hit 60k?...
  12. fully agreement. because of their issue with the agent then the seller got to vacate the house before the 2nd appt is really too much. u r lucky in the sense that at least money can still solve the issue. do try to work it out. regarding deducting your agent commission.you have to talk to him personally. let him know what you are facing. if he agree, he has to re-issue you the invoice for the agent commission. if not. therat has post the cea url. do approach them if you feel that you are mis-lead by the agent.
  13. in nov sat or sun strait times come out this article big big....asking for HDB view on this. HDB choose not to reply on that. this has really left the seller in a great great disadvantage position. i think for the TS to gain back some compensation is to cut off the agent fee(if the agent did not highlight to the seller)...if choose not to sell, civil litigation can been proceed but then no lawyer dare to guarantee sure win(sure win as in the sense of percentage ratio is only 50-50). i've consultated this JTJ* on this. so easier way out for TS is to move out and follow what therat had mention in some of this "wonderful tips" hehe screw and unscrew haha... Have the TS buy another house already? if yes then he will be in a more diffcult position because the other side will be implicated if he choose not to sell. i choose to move out because Reason 1: i have bought another unit and did not do any bridge loan so that i can save the interest money. but never expected that i got booted out of the house in few days time. Reason 2: do not want to implicate the house that i'm buying. I have a question: why does HDB want seller to do a bridging loan? if a 1month extension day is granted for the seller, seller need not waste such money. conclusion: no need sign any extension of stay anymore. all BS one.... storage place: www.bigorange.com.sg
  14. i was in your situation one month back....agree for a 2month extension stay. so that i can renovate and move-in in time. not knowing this so call "gentleman agreement" is not valid in the eye of HDB law @ that time...i was in a much worst situation due to i know that only few days before the 2nd appointment. can you imagine i call the mover today and got it move all the item to my friend house the next day. you are really in a dis-advantage. HDB will not side with the seller. i will suggest you to deduct or rather don pay your comission to the agent. you should apporach case and complaint follow by proceeding to CEA board. did your agent tell you that the extension of stay agreement is not valid? if no, you have a strong case on this. if yes, then you're at a big disadvantage. if your 2nd appointment is near and it is not fully on 8 weeks, call the hdb officer who handles ur case and fax a letter sign by u and ur husband to him for deferment of 2nd appt to full 8 weeks. if you're on the 8weeks already then call him and ask him what you should do to defer the 2nd house appointment. i still pay my agent 0.5% as i felt that he really help me.
  15. thanks alot...so far the quotation from ho ho is 419 during the expo promo for 4feet gate....but they also got "fantastic" review......