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  1. hi Malaxo! Can imagine the excitement of new home AND baby! Can you kindly share the contact of J&E? Thanks!
  2. Another Piggy and Snake couple reporting here!
  3. Hi actually i am looking into them as well...as a work top....anyone?
  4. I am free to go next week...anyone wana join in?
  5. Hi TP, nope they do not provide delivery..everything i go and pick up myself and yes they are open on Sunday.
  6. Get from a place call Harry for your bathroom accessories. I got most of my there and i m quite happy with both the price and quality. Tell the guy in charge, Mr Lee , say Ben from Singapore introduce you. N0 28/28A, Jalan Sasa 4, Taman Gaya, 81800 Ulu Tiram, Johor
  7. Hi where did u look? did u try to go to gucca? i find the tables there are nice! next to soonly ann!
  8. I saw this Ariston Instant water heater looking good....but i cant find it online! Called Finco or something...
  9. Bought bathroom accessories at this shop called Harry. Look for Mr Lee. At Jalan Sasa 4, Taman Gaya, 81800 Ulu Tiram, Johor. The prices there are reasonable and the service is good!
  10. Dear al, YES Electirc Supply is not open on weekends and only open on weekdays till 5pm. Please note. Any one have other places to buy downlights, standing lamps etc?
  11. i was there the day before...will be buying this sunday...they have stock when i asked yesterday.
  12. Thanks Nuebie! Different sales people tell me different things..i wondering which one to take for my home as my contractor says PLC while the guy in the lighting shop say PLL better....
  13. Can anyone help to differentiate on Which type is better for downlights? 1) PLC 2) Direct voltage ( aka PLL???) Thank you!