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  1. Thanks for all the reply. Guess will have to check with contractor to see what is feasible with ur commentst.
  2. Hi Mr Chong, I have a blank wall quite a distance from the main door. Was thinking of putting a big clock on that wall. What will be the effects?
  3. You can try the guy who i bought my system laundry the pull out type. Calvin Lian 9747 3887. Thanks
  4. Any good source? How muchto change a few panels that has cracked due to expansion and contraction?
  5. How to order the clock?
  6. My wife mentioned about it so have to think of ways. Thanks Bro anyway
  7. Hi All, Anyone can advise if the toilet does not have power points, how can I fixed led strip lightings like those in Ikea around the mirror? thanks
  8. I just did my Australian Wardrobe, made of special Australian wood, customised by Mr. Don Yeoh 9093 9309. Can be dismantled if you were to move house next time. There is a 10 years warranty. You can quote us the Bishan couple. Cheers
  9. Hi All, What did your fendshui master ask you to prepare to bring over your new house on move in day..What to do on that day? Thanks for advice.
  10. Jackson bldg is no longer selling shaggy carpets.
  11. Anybody Knows where to get these coloured toilet rolls, probably cheaper, in Singapore?
  12. Hi All, Been delaying my curtains as I have been sourcing around and found that most cost at least 1k upwards for just curtains. No roller blinds. I have just arranged an appointment with my curtain person. June 9138 1141 this coming Saturday at my place Bishan for a no obligation consultation. Her prices should be lesser than what we have sourced for earlier, even people park's complex cannot be comparede to her prices, as my friend sis-in-law has already ordered from her. Hope to get good price from her. Cheers
  13. My ordered customised choice of Australian wardrobe is having a sale: Last day and sorry for the late information. L5ft Wardrobe + 2 Sliding Doors (Full Height) U.P $2360 Now $45% Offby SPACE MAKER by Lumiera (#01-30) promotion period: 21 Aug 10 to 27 Aug 10 Call to secure appointment for promotional price first Contact Mr Yeoh: donylc@hotmail.com; 90939309
  14. Can I have the contact for the shop you customise this dining table? My house layout in Bishan is similar to yours. Thanks
  15. We bought our MBR wardrobe from Don, at Furniture Mall, ard the corner of Watsons too. Not fixed up yet as renovation is just ongoing When we were there, there was this customer who purchased another set from them; we overheard that he is still an existing customer for many years. 2nd one now. I believe the quality and service is there, otherwise, there would not be more purchases. If I had more spare money, I would purchase another set for my other rooms. PM me if you need his number. P.S Rem to have the floor plan or measurements so he can quote you accurately. Cheers