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  1. PM you the contacts! Hmm curtains is from A-z-o-r-a.. not very cheap though (abt 2k, full length, wall to wall, 3 bedrooms and living room) but overall fuss free and the end products really quite good.. but if you look hard enough you might be able to find better deals elsewhere.
  2. Hey hi! you can contact Freddy at 97414769.

    Overall its the confidence he projected and the package he offered is competitive. The renovation journey is quite enjoyable and can see he have alot of controls over his workers, which is good for us. =)

    Anyway do look around and compare, and hope you will enjoy your renovation experience too! =))

  3. She has good taste!! but good luck to you~~ I suggest you print up this pic and bring to your meeting with the IDs.. see what ideas they can give you and most impt, how much they going to quote to make this materialise.
  4. Hello! if you are not in a hurry, probably can start reno after CNY coz most of the IDs will be very busy now to wrap up their projects on hand, before the workers go for their long break during CNY.. And ya, i don't know why but punggol is really dusty! i keep finding "cotton balls" around the house even though i vaccum quite often.. so best is to have doors for your planned WIW ba.. but most impt is what do your wife think? its her territory afterall..
  5. haha i prefer the small things sold in ikea, but not its furniture.. hehe.. thanks anyway!
  6. Almost cannot find my reno thread!! See so many nice renovations here make me feel like renovating my house again.. Anyway hope someone can advise here, i looking for some places where i can customise a small cabinet to store my CDs and blu-rays, which is about 100+ now and still increasing.. Went to those neighbourhood furniture shops, they say they can only allow internal customization but for sizes, its always fixed as they have moulds in the factory (for wood?? ) true or false i also don't know.. went to those "branded" furniture shops, they don't carry media storage.. so far i can only find dedicated storage for media in Howards's world but then it really looks abit out of place in my movie room.. So hopefully someone here have knowledge of where i can go for such requirements!
  7. Hi Petetherock, nice settings you have for your hse! Wondering beside the special room treatment you have, did you use "special" door for your audio/movie room as well? mine sound-leak pretty badly and i recently conclude is due to the thin veneer door i use.. hence watever i play in the movie room can be hear clearly in the living room area which the door is facing, but not the two rooms beside it..
  8. Hello! had send you my ID contact! Thanks for reading my t-blog!
  9. Hihi!! Had just PM you! Thanks! yea we think it looks nice too but we realise very hard to display things in the lobang coz its a little too wide.. hmmmm..
  10. hmmmm.. didn really do any "special" maintenance lo, but i make sure i am dry before i sit on the sofa.. have many experiences with other sofas before that sweat will actually contibute to the flaking of the leather.. Also, as adviced by species staff, i use leather conditioner every 6 months. i guess it depends on individuals lo, for me if weather is hot n humid, i prefer sitting on the floor rather than on a leather sofa..
  11. Hey thanks for reading my thread!! Jacky is the one with the specs? quite tall one issit? if so, ya i think he is quite a nice guy and he is also a long-timer there according to my ID.. Hope its also a smooth reno journey for u!! Your house is which project ne? Hihi! yea the mango movie sofa is really nice and worth every cent! so far everyone who come my hse can see that its expensive! hahahaha! actually the reason why its not the main sofa is because the mango sofa is alot bigger than my main sofa.. initially we also have concerns whether its too big to put at our house but in the end we bought it as we really, really like it.. n it goes well with the theme of our movie room.. The additional 2k is for our main sofa, but compare to the mango movie sofa, can really see the mango movie sofa is using a much superior leather lo.. and the make is solid! i can't guarantee that they are not make in china too but at least it dun look like one! hehe.. As for maintenance, we have the sofas for the last 9 months and the mango sofa still look tip-top but putting in the movie room where i only use turning on the air-con plays a part.. the white main sofa need alot more maintenance but at least i have not observed any flaking yet *keeping fingers crossed*, and its still very comfortable despite we don't have air-con in the living room.. Hope u will make a good buy!!
  12. Thanks for reading my t-blog and sorry for late response! Have pm u the contacts
  13. Hey shoobie, thanks for reading my reno experience! Have drop you a pm with the contacts!
  14. Sorry folks didn't realise my PM is full, have clear the inbox liao and thanks for reading my blog!
  15. I have PM Freddy's contact details for all who requested!
  16. Hello, i think the soft-closing is those brandless type.. can't find the brand anywhere.. Hi neighbour! i have replied your pm.. so sorry.. haha we are even more impressed with your house! good choice to use formica for your kitchen!
  17. Hey! u put this pic for me to see??!! haha!! Your house looking good wor and yea, cove lights are very bright!
  18. Hey thanks for taking the time to read my blog! Rememeber to write your blog when you start your renovation ya! You got the furniture from Species too?? haha so we both have good taste!! wahahaha!! Hmmm.. i don't think they have soft-close for drawers? mine don't come with soft-close but we are perfectly fine using the black tracks for drawers.. it looks durable and can hold heavy stuff.. the soft-close for the cabinet doors is as below, its just an attachment that fit onto the hinge and looks flimsy.. i doubt it can last long but to the carpenter credit, they give me plenty of spare.. haha..
  19. Haha yup busy with my coming wedding, busy with my work, busy with my studies.. so time are pretty tight nowadays.. but ya enjoy snuggling at my new place whenever i have the time!
  20. Have replied all requests for contacts!
  21. Hey eggroe continue blogging ya! there are alot of silent readers around, including me! when more pics come in, there will be more comments coming in!
  22. Hey you started your t-blog! great! Looking fwd to see pics ya and have fun with your renovation!
  23. That's a lot of defects! think floppy one quite okay leh... hmm.. hope you will have better luck for your renovation!!
  24. Haha that's a lively discussion on my water piping, i am sorry i didn't have the chance to login earlier to clarify.. The piping is from the kitchen and definitely not from toilet, as its too far and no direct route the water pressure will not make it.. Actually nothing fanciful done, its the same way how they re-run the piping for kitchen island concept, albeit island is usually at the central of kitchen whereas mine run along the side of kitchen.. my kitchen tiles are over-layed.. sorry bro hope its not too late, but if you still need do pm me your email add.
  25. Haha will let him know, think he will be very happy to hear that! Congrats! remember to update your blog ya! Thank you! think yours will look great too! anyway i am a fan of your blog, refreshingly different! haha frankly speaking toilet is the only place we don't like.. the vanity and mirror looks good but the HDB floor tiles look horrible.. can see colours fading off.. very sad.. hmmm.. mirror is free leh, even the one at my passageway is FOC from my ID too, so i guess its not too expensive? i did change the sink in my MBR if that is what you meant? haha don't feel weird at all, in fact i love running towards it!