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  1. sorry im late! busy with work overseas. Glad eveything has been solved! gona spend some time to catch up on yr blog..
  2. its impt those contrActor take pride in their work, n not do juz for the sake of doing. all the best to a smooth reno!
  3. using those smaller oven compared to those convention oven. Set too high heat, so the top abit burnt, but it wasnt too bad, still tasty though! and my friends commented that its nice!
  4. using photobucket to upload.. oh yeah the 1st dish is pancakes, followed by carbonara and lastly bread pudding.
  5. this? or this? oh ya, my first try on a bread pudding, abit burnt though...
  6. :D u seen my kitchen? find me a spot to put the oven! but hor i have those smaller toaster oven, can anot?
  7. :bleah: wun chao da la, if i can cook, u gals definitely can bake one la.
  8. gd luck to yr reno~ plenty of space!