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  1. Sooooooooo nice to hear abt mao mao and plants coexisting!!! mine will never leave them alone even if they are poisonous.. The pics were all taken last wkend la, camera angle again : )))
  2. Oh no, blackie aka bru bru was adopted from an old couple, baby aka the orange monster was picked up from the basketball court @ my sengkang place some yrs back .. their ears arent the same at all hahaha i think its the camera angle.. bru bru's ears are actually smaller, baby has huge ears they get along MOST of the time... some days they just like to provoke each other, hiss and chase each other around
  3. I tell you something hor Roy.. my brother struck 4D again... ZZZZZ but all small small one, highest so far a few thousands only
  4. Since you agreed in the 1st place, just give it to them lor... go buy a new one la... everything do nice nice which includes your transactions and peace of mind and you will enjoy yr new place more : )
  5. Well it all turned out well in the end, so still ok la.. think he didn't know the ah pek was debt ridden..
  6. Dropped by today and saw yr finished home! Very nice!!! How can the plants survive maomao?? My plants are always attacked by my 2 kitties in my old place, once, i had a huge pot of pandan leave plant on the balcony and they stripped it bare in just a few days These days they are not going anywhere near anything green and alive... Here's baby and bru bru saying hi hahaha
  7. My new shelves behind the Master BR door Got them FOC, courtesy of the stress and anguish suffered earlier. These and another discount of 500 off total bill. And then I got the uncle to help me put up the painting (is that consider one??) in the kitchen.. I actually have 3 of them in different sizes with different food stuff in each one, but d@mnit the other 2 broke when I moved house
  8. Fwah! I like your narrations!! : )))) Dramatically bagus! : ))))
  9. Happy Sunday Roy! If u buy 4D too, Huat ah!!!!
  10. hahahaha glad they amused you ya, i use fisheye effect, some shots made them quite retarded hahahahaha i'll take some more when i can
  11. I'm settled in already. Today contractors came to fix up some more shelves for me : ) Other than that, things are great
  12. hahahaha i m sure it will turn out fabuuuuuuuuulouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuusssss
  13. hahahaha Roy... long time no see mine's a corner unit some more, as for the price and cov.. already paid, even if i felt its high also useless now right? so might as well enjoy it, some more i think the fs and the aros are bringing in the luck.... heng heng huat ar!!