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  1. by right, a sealer is not required provided the BSC folks did a proper job. A good friend of mine had the unfortunate encounter where the sealer paint was not properly done up on one of his living room wall, this caused the new coat of paint to peel off. If this happen to you, you'll have to escalate it to BSC for them to rectify. It will be painful process for you yet technically, you need not spend more for the sealer. Hope this helps and all the best.
  2. The smaller companies like vohringer might not charge labour costs to move your current furnitures if you are already staying in; well thats what happened to my neighbour coz they went with vohringer. More popular ones like Evorich will definitely charge you. They spent less than 5k to overlay living room and all bedrooms. They find that Evorich is too expensive and no room for negotiation, hence their decision to go with vohringer. It is still up to your budget and preference of course.
  3. changed my mind bro.. not overlaying at the moment.. either gonna stay put for another 5 years or upgrade.. see how la
  4. do you think you can post pics, easier to visualize.. I didn't know about the 90 degree bend coz my wire went up and and left and right a few times .. been using it for a year ++ and no problem
  5. Hi spikedoll, can share with me how is your parquet flooring? do you see any expansion, contraction, gap, scratches etc? and how do you maintain it? Thanks in advance
  6. can try this guy, CS Soh Aircon, 8614xxxx .. he performed servicing on my aircon for hari raya and provided me with advices on what caused the leakage and gave an estimation when to change the pipes on pros/cons if I want to add a compressor for my living room..
  7. most condo/private apartment are in a move-in condition. so I guess the decision is down to what you want as a home-owner. you can refer to magazines, visit renovation/contractors for advices as well.
  8. as always bro... appreciate your pointers btw... I installed artificial turf for my balcony...am loving it.
  9. Guys, anyone Installed LURF? Am hoping if home owners can share and provide reviews. Thanks
  10. Decided to hold back first while I evaluate other brands.. Maybe after Hari Raya.. Not in a rush.. I really like Evorich's HERF but I find that they are not willing to give or take, oh well, maybe because they are already a branded brand. I just find that it's difficult to have a relationship if there's no give or take.. Maybe it's just me
  11. Sadly.. I'm at mbs to visit their booth.. Their competitors all are set and ready but Supreme's booth still bo lang.. First impression fail liao
  12. Thanks for sharing man ... Can I ask which type did you select and what's the pricing like ?
  13. Looking good bro..from where ? Your sound system also looking good .. Lol.. Is that a denon ? Marantz?
  14. Reviving this thread. Hoping to see home owners sharing their experiences with Parquet flooring. Im learning about it myself too
  15. bro, care to explain more? my ceiling lights are the normal fluorescent tubes which uses starters and ballast , if I want to change to LED fluorescent tubes, do I need to remove the starter and ballast? Thanks in advance bro.. very new to all these things lah