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  1. If u buy from authorized dealer, there shldn't be any issue of safety or fake gas. Check w the distributor aka Shell, Exxon, etc whether the shop is authorized or not, if unsure. The price is the RRP (Recommended retail price)which is the standard pricing, but retailers do give discount to win the market, hence the coupons. Like petrol prices, the rrp between the main players are almost always the same.
  2. seems there's a current promo with Esso gas with $7 off + lucky draw So I guess the after discount price shld be $33 nett. Anyone can confirm that?
  3. let's start a price-watch for LPG gas here...listing as follows: - price, capacity, month-purchased... SingGas (aka Shell Gas) Esso/Mobil Gas - $30.50 nett after discount, 12.7kg, Feb 2011 Solar - $30 nett (after $7 discount), 12.7kg, Jan 2011, SPC Note: to update, just copy/paste from here into your post. Nett = included GST
  4. $30 in Jan 2011 (after the $7 discount) now don't know...can call them and ask w/o obligation...
  5. oic, "thin" = narrow. yah, I agree the workmanship is terrible...even the small piece they put in is not fitted straight. When I did mine, I was a little concerned about the fitting, since I was told they pre-cut first, but thankfully, there wasn't any problem with alignments. But the difference between yours and mine was the placements of your plugs (both switches & power). Mine did not have any upper gaps and in-betweens, so they were able to just cut a rectangular piece off at the edges of the glass where it matters. Whereas yours require precision measurements and precise and accurate cutting of the holes (where each switch or plug is). IMHO, I don't think anyone can get it fitted in accurately during installation without having to make more filings or cuts UNLESS they have provided for some play around the edges of the holes, but these will again leave large disproportionate gaps around the plugs & switches. But like they say, the narrow strips of glass in between does posed a huge challenge!! (but I'm a layman, maybe there are professionals who can and are able to provide precision fittings.)
  6. hi, the brand "solar gas" I'm currently using (previous was esso, mobile, shell...over the years) do not hv any odour cause when I plugged or unplugged the head, I did not smell anything, unlike with the others...and so I erroneously thot that all the other brands are the same odourless now. If that is so, I think I better switch back to esso or shell.
  7. rubber hose...over time becomes brittle and form tiny cracks/holes.
  8. hmm...I think this is more pragmatic than listening to that guy and changing it every 3 months, altho I doubt many would do that, probably more like once a year for most people...it's more like playing on kiasuism. it used to be that the gas had some smell, but it seemed that nowadays the gas is odourless, so that "test" is ruled out.
  9. aka bottled or canister gas...one lpg delivery staff told me that the hose should be changed every 3 months? Cost: S$10/m how often do you change yours? do you replace the hose yourself? where do you buy your hose from?
  10. can get a quote from alex, I did 2 windows cum grille with him. his contact at post 169 or earlier.
  11. oh yah, the problem you're facing needs a "think out of the box" solution and my point was it's better to secure it by a bottom latch. samantha's idea seem good, u might see about doing a side latch if at all possible.
  12. my wrought iron gate installer advised me to drill a hole in the tiles for the bottom latch, as it will be more secure...so I agreed and he did. He was very careful and did a very slow drilling till he got past the tiles.
  13. yup, same here...the wardrobe I bought about 2 years old now, were moldy already a few months after delivery, even now the mold returns after a few weeks or month after wiping. the set I bought was terrible in construction, the doors were mostly all crooked - just the other day, I re-drilled the hinge holes to bring down one of the door height so that the top corner will not catch against the top edge. yah, so now the gaps where the door should cover is bigger...hmmm, maybe should just dismantle and dump all the doors and use curtains to cover. I had another one that is a shoe cabinet from the same place, though no mold problems, but the shelves are all warpy especially in the middle section. think wardrobes have to buy those with good wood, or else go for local made (plywood) or custom local made.