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  1. Ok I have dropped the price further. Now only $20. Even cheaper than a normal fan. Grab it quick.
  2. Price further reduced. A low low price for a good air cooler. Condition 8/10. Grab it before i dump to "ga lang gu ni" man
  3. Mini wash basin for corner installation to be give away for free. Bought it but did not use it in the end. Meant for installation on the left hand corner only. Great for small toilet space or maid's toilet. Pick it up at Yishun and its yours for free. SMS9638 two two two 9 to arrange.
  4. Bought ceiling lights but did not use them in the end. Selling cheap just to get rid of them. 6 round ceiling lights. 40W. 18.5 inch dia. Plain white with a colour rim. 2 purple, 2 orange and 2 blue. Selling $20 each. Will throw in extra ballast and light tube. 2 round ceiling lights. 28W. 13 inch dia. Plain white. Selling $10 each Sorry. Not sure how to upload pic. Will email upon request. SMS 9638 two two two 9. Self collect at Yishun area.
  5. Selling above. Bought in 2009. Lightly used. Getting rid to free up space. Asking only $50 $40 $20 (was selling for >$300 at courts. Not sure selling price now). Self collect at Yishun. SMS 96382229
  6. Way too many. Initially we thought we will be flexible with location but after some viewings, had to limit to a neighborhood that we prefer. Took us about 4 months with multiple agents before we settled the unit we loved.
  7. Sometimes COV just comes down to how much u like the place. I initially thought of not paying anything more than 40k but after about 4 months of viewing, finally paid well over 60k for a unit that both me n my missus really love. It was a unit in pretty bad shape in our opinion n had to throw in another chunk for Reno. That was over half year ago. Now we moved in, really love it. Guess if its for own stay n not viewed as a form of investment, then you'll just pay what u think its worth, n if u really like it, then nothing is too much.
  8. Yes that's correct. I pretty much acted like a dog and brought my nose up close to the samples from the different suppliers. Could not detect any hint of rubber smell from Evorich samples, even the big planks.
  9. Hi all, Just to add. Recently just installed Evorich high end resilient tiles (vinyl tiles) in my resale flat. Yes the price is not cheap compared to say laminated wood flooring but I feel the quality is there (100% waterproof). Also the hollow sound is much less compared to laminate. If you we're to factor in using those sound insulation underlay for laminate, the price difference in not that big. Before I chose Evorich, had actually checked out a few other vendors with similar products. Most are thinner, and one thicker than Evorich vinyl tiles. But all has a rubber smell unlike Evorich. I was particular about the smell as I read that these are actually released chemicals which are bad for health. Not good since I got a baby at home. Not sure how true it is but prefer to err on the safe side. One thing to note though, your current floor must be relatively flat to do overlay. Mine has big gaps between tile ( previous owner went for resort style) which has to be filled up before overlaying ( this is not a problem if using laminated wood flooring) . Service wise from Evorich, I say it's top notch. Complete my 1700 sq ft place in one day and protect with cardboard after. They also helped with filling my floor gaps and the quote to do so was cheaper than what my Id would have charged me. Quality? I will only know more after i moved in and stay for some time. Just to note, I am in no way related to Evorich, but just adding my 2cts worth for folks who are considering vinyl tiles as alternative.
  10. Hi all. Want to replace the door knobs of all my bedroom doors. Currentlly, the old fashion round type. Thinking of replacing to lever type. Where would be a good place to buy? I do not want the expensive designer shop in imm or ps. Thanks
  11. Hi all, I have quite a number of ceiling lights that I wish to sell off. They are brand new. Ordered too much and now do not need them as interior design calls for something else. They are normal ceiling lights ranging from 28W to 40W. The pricing will be about 1/3 of what it will cost typically in shops. Anyone interested please PM me and I can send some images of the light plus some dimension description and the exact pricing that I'm letting them go at. Sorry moderator if I am posting in the wrong section.
  12. Maybe I got it wrong, but a lot of ppl relates fs to wealth. Think that if fengshui done right will huat. Sadly, dun think that is the case. First fate, then luck then fs. So if fated not meant to be, no matter how much you slog also won't be the next Facebook guy. If you are lucky, things just happen easier. Finally, fs hopefully just assist further or reduce the harm should it be in your fate (that's the theory anyway). With regards to poor health, maybe fate (period of life to be sick), maybe really bad fs, or maybe just bad living habits that's causing poor health. Whether one gets what he sows is debatable. For example if one does not have aptitude for Maths, he may be scoring As for exams due to drilling (hardwork) but will not be able to come up with something new and get a phd no matter how hard he tries. Anyway why link everything to wealth? The ultimate want is happiness and that is a state of mind. We tend to link wealth to happiness but it may not bring us that.