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  1. A) Extend the Suspended Feature wall to the ground The extended area needs to be divided in 3 drawers. The total size is72 inches (length) * 12 inches (height from floor) * 21 inches (depth from wall) I have attached an excel with the existing picture of the feature wall and the drawing of my requirements. 3 main things I need is : 2 inch diameter HOLE on both sides bottom for wire to come out of either side hole to be created on the bottom of the above feature wall unit laminate to be as close as possible to the actual feature wall. If not same, then atleast color should be brown B) Supply and install 5 new shelves in the 2 existing wardrobes. 3 nos of : 30 (width) * 20 (depth) for brown wardrobe1 nos of : 33 (width) * 21 (depth) for blue wardrobe1 nos of 17 (width) * 20 (depth) for blue wardrobe C) Kitchen cabinet, some doors have become creaky and misaligned. Also the hydraulic hinge of one of the door has spoiled. http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f219/neeravks/PandanMinorChanges/FeatureWall_front_zpsech1uzjd.jpg
  2. Hi, I am looking to do minor renovation works in march for my resale 3RM. SrNo Item 1 Repaint 2 Rewiring and Lighting installation 3 RePiping 4 Redo Kitchen Cabinet OR ReLaminate 5 Repaint/Polish existing fittings (doors,etc) 6 Windows 7 Window Grilles 8 TV Console Feature Wall 9 2 wardrobes 10 Convert SQUAT to Sitting in the toilet. 11 Vanity Top , shower, basin installation , other bathroom accessories 12 Change locks on all doors and windows 13 Adding 2 strong hooks in recess area for future usage to install hanging swing. 14 Change locks on all doors and windows Can you guys suggest roughly what will be the cost and can you please email me emailid / phone number of at neeravks@gmail.com. Thanks for your time.
  3. Hi all, I have searched through many topics, but i have not found many reliable contractors contact apart from a couple. Need to engage a contractor and not ID for my house as i dont plan to do anything major. Here is what i want to do. SrNo Item 1 Repaint 2 Rewiring and Lighting installation 3 RePiping 4 Redo Kitchen Cabinet OR ReLaminate 5 Repaint/Polish existing fittings (doors,etc) 6 Windows 7 Window Grilles 8 TV Console Feature Wall 9 2 wardrobes 10 Convert SQUAT to Sitting in the toilet. 11 Vanity Top , shower, basin installation , other bathroom accessories 12 Change locks on all doors and windows 13 Adding 2 strong hooks in recess area for future usage to install hanging swing. 14 Change locks on all doors and windows How much do you think this will cost? Also can you please mail my any contractor email / contacts at neeravks@gmail.com. Thanks for your time.
  4. Everymonth, new valuation reports which come out take into account the Purchase Price of the flats in the surrounding area. Note Purchase Price = VALUATION + COV So in the previous sales in that area, even if there was 5K COV (which is considered LOW by the standards here) , the new valuation will still be up. Thats not all, valuation report usually take the condition of the flat into account. So better the condition better the valuation. But the degree of COV a owner of a nicely done flat asks can sometimes be mind boggling....some owners are just plain greedy...no matter what the valuation they want X amount of COV. So I dont think HDB can do much here. Its the sellers market. They demand and buyers pay. Thats it. the cooling measures have just removed some number of people from the market. Thats it. Its still a sellers market.
  5. nobody reply...cmon guys...nobody engaged painters directly before?
  6. Hi, I have recently bought a resale 3 rm flat. The flat is in very good condition, but i need to paint the entire house. What all does the painter do? Just get the paint and paint over the existing walls? Or do they, 1) Apply POP (plaster of paris) 2) Level the whole wall to leave devoid of any lines / any cracks / any un evenness. basically make sure the wall is smoothened. 3) Then apply 2-3 coats of paint. Is the above normal standard practice here?
  7. Yeah I am pretty much thinking of spending about 20k before moving in. So I will just do the things that I need the most and postpone the items for a later time.
  8. Hi, I just got the sample situation converted to reality. 1) Search for house. See 20 houses in 1 week. 20th house. Like it immensely. 2) Haggle with owner and agent over COV. Finally agree. 275 + 31 3) 26-Dec : Pay 1000 Option Fee 4) 27-Dec : Apply for loan. Wait for Offer Letter Suppose 5) 02-Jan : Excercise Option - Pay 4000 6) 20-Jan : First Appointment - 7) 20-Mar : Second Appointment - Now, as per earlier posts it was clear that I dont have to pay anything in first appointment. Please note that I have no CPF and I am taking Bank Loan. I have to pay downpayment + COV + ALL FEES (stamp duty + agent + lawyer) = 95 K. But my agent says, I have to be ready with all the money in the first appointment itself. Is it true? As per HDB Website, you have to do this in first appointment : • If you are obtaining an HDB loan, our resale officers will verify your eligibility for an HDB loan and determine the amount of mortgage loan granted • If you are obtaining a bank loan, resale officers will confirm the amount of mortgage loan to be obtained from the bank • Process your application to withdraw your CPF savings for the purchase. Only applicable if buyer is represented by HDB • HDB will set aside from his CPF Ordinary Account for the payment of the stamp and legal fees (about 1%-3% of the selling price of the flat) and the Home Protection Insurance (if any). Thereafter, the balance in the CPF Ordinary Account will be fully utilised towards payment of the purchase price, subject to a ceiling set by the market valuation ie. CPF can only be used up to the market valuation or purchase price whichever is the lower. • Determine the amount of cash that you need to pay within 10 days from the date of the first appointment, if any • Cash payment is required when the purchase price is above the market valuation or when the loan granted (with credit assessment) and the CPF usable for the purchase are insufficient to cover the purchase price. If the cash payment required is more than 10% of the purchase price, you are only required to pay 10% within 10 days from the First Appointment date. The balance must be paid on the resale completion. If the cash payment required is less than 10%, this amount must be paid within the 10 days period. • The balance cash payment to be paid on resale completion must be in cash or cashier's order. • Calculate the amount of stamp and conveyancing fees you have to pay • Use of GIRO for monthly instalment Does the above take into account, that the buyer will not use CPF and take BANK LOAN. Me getting confused day by day. Somebody help please.
  9. Hi, We just signed the OTP yesterday. Still some time to go before I get my keys, but I am starting to think what I should do and what i should not. My flat is a 3I model , with a recess area. There is one common bathroom and one toilet. no toilet in MBR. I am looking to hack down the wall between the toilet and the bathroom. I am not looking to do anything major, the flooring is nice (granite). Last renovation done in the flat was 13 yrs back. But everything is in excellent condition. I am only looking to do the following : 1) Repaint 2) Rewire 3) Replace Pipes 4) Hack down the wall between toilet and bathroom and redo the whole thing (retile, shower screen etc ) 5) Redo Kitchen Cabinet (can avoid this for now as can just polish the current cabinet and use) 6) Repaint / Polish , existing fittings 7) New wardrobes in the 2 bedrooms Over and above this, i will buy minimal furniture for now which is required for move in and gradually keep adding. 1) Washer 2) Fridge 3) TV 4) console 5) Beds + Matresses 6) Coffee Table 7) Lightings 8) Dressing Table 9) Dining Table 10) Misc Items (shoe cabinet , etc) Can help me decide if I can chuck some items out or I have missed some important things. Is it possible to do it in < 20 K with a contractor?
  10. basically, i like a house. Valuation is 300 K. Cov is 20K. I am a first year PR. So no savings in CPF. I am going to take bank loan. Loan Amount : 240 K So total cash i have to pay (remember no CPF) : 60 (20% OF VALUATION) + 20 + 10 (APPROX) = 90 Now, my doubt is how much do I have to pay at : 1) first appt 2) 10 days after first appt 3) between first and second appointment (10 days before 2nd) 4) On 2nd appointment Also what of the above can be negotiated with Seller / HDB as to when to pay. I hope this will help understand my question better. I only want to know when to pay how much, so that I can plan my personal loans (from friends , family) better.
  11. okay so lets put another twist in the tale. the seller wants to delay the 2nd appointment. These are sample dates 1) 25-Dec - option to purchase - pay 1000 2) 27-Dec get offer letter and excercise option - pay 4000 3) Take appt with HDB. first appt - 25-Jan 4) 25-Jan - dont pay anything ? 5) 2nd appointment. Seller wants more time. So 2nd appointment : april 15th. 6) April 10: give 20% down payment + COV to seller. 7) april 15 : collect keys and pay legal + agent fee + stamp duty + tax So with above process i dont have to pay anything more than 5 k till 10 April. Is the process correct?
  12. I dont have enough CPF. I am first year PR. All is cash. So 20% of valuation + COV + ALL MISC = 60 + 20 + 10 = 90k How much do i need to pay during first appt , how much during 2nd appt is what i am wondering. I am clear with the below : Correct me if i am wrong 1) Getting the option to purchase - 1000 (cash / cheque) 2) Excercising the option - 4000 (cash / cheque) 3) First Appt - 10 % of CASH. (my doubt is CASH = DOWNPAYMENT + COV or only COV) 4) Second Appt - MISC + REMAINING The confusion is because there are very few cases i have read like me, where almost everything is own savings account and NOT CPF. It will really help knowing the schedule of payments so I can arrange accordingly.
  13. Does this CASH include the 20 % payment in case we are taking bank loan? For eg : Valuation - 300 k COV -20K Bank loan = 240K. Total cash component = 80 K. So I just have to pay 10% of 320k i.e 32 k or I have to pay 20 K (which is less than 10% of purchase price)
  14. I do agree that downpayment is meant to be a safety buffer for people not to borrow. But i dont agree, that there is much difference....borrowing for 80% of a 300,000 or borrowing for 90% of 300,000...more over i think the rules just change last year so that people would have to shell out 20% cash. Well anyways...i think its a very complicated situation...with loan rates at all time low.....COV + Valuation at almost all time high (coming down ever so slightly) + demand still outstripping supply + economy i.e salaries are on the way up so lot of opposite things happening... so its best to decide on a case by case basis....i am of the view...if one is confident of taking risks...take it...but calculate all sides of and then jump into it..with full effort... in my case...i am trying to get some money here and there from friends..and hoping they would let me repay when i have the money...