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  1. Hihi! Anyone here use Honeycomb blinds before? I inquired and it is $3000 to do up just 1 window in the living room.. (curtain is a quarter the price)! Anyone has done before? Is it worth it to do?
  2. Hihi gohhuishi, Yes, I understand! My contractor is giving me all sorts of nonsense too! I am like picking up after her mess everyday! hmMmm... Maybe you can PM me your email address and I let you have more details about the supplement? Would be better that way..
  3. yah.. it is the same room.. i will take a picture and show you later
  4. Hihi! i renovated my place and hacked off some old marble tiles and my contractor replaced them with new ones. She told me that the new ones are as close to what I have that she can find. Before polishing (because my floor was dusty), the color difference wasn't that bad.. But today when I went to my new place (after polishing), i got a shock! It is like White tiles (original) vs Grey tiles (new)! Anyone face this problem before? Please help.......
  5. Hihi!! Anyone staying in the landed around Kew Ave/ Bedok South Road/ Bedok Camp etc?
  6. Hihi! I use to have very bad acne problem too! To the extend that I had to stop working for 2 weeks because of acne problem.. (job didnt allow me to have any acne coz it is a frontline job).. Then I changed my lifestyle, make sure i am asleep between 12midnight to 3am (sleep before midnight), drink more water, eat more vege and fruits.. And also, sometimes I think supplements play a part too.. My girlfriend introduced me a supplement and it helped my skin tremendously. Also, skincare that you use might lead to skin being irritated too.. I changed my skincare too and things got very much better! Hope this helps I understand the frustrations of acne.. Hope you recover soon! Best wishes in 2011!
  7. Hihi!! I have wall decal in my house and also acrylic wordings.. If you want to put wordings on the wall, I would suggest acrylic instead of decals.. But acrylic is very expensive.. I got them at $2k for just this sentence/phrase 'The family is one of nature's masterpieces' .. I can't seem to upload the pictures of the acrylic and wall decal from my phone to my lappie.. will try tonight and let you know But acrylic is very much nicer.. alot classier too!
  8. Hihi!! I framed my mirror in this framing shop along still road (near joo chiat).. It's very good and so far I got quite a number of compliments from my friends.. price is reasonable too (can't remember how much exactly).. but i think you can drive along still road and check it out
  9. Dear fellow forum members.. not sure if this is the correct place to post this topic.. we are two friends organizing gathering for skincare/make up/baking/cake decorating.. we would like to invite RT members to join us in a special session open up to RT members only! (fees to join will not be same on the website.. will be a lot cheaper) we would be organizing gatherings for each topic below: (1) makeup/skincare (2) cupcake baking/decoration (3) slimming we hope to make friends and also talk about renovation and property together too! Dates will be finalized as my place is still undergoing renovation..contractor delayed and said will only be ready early Jan2011.. please PM me if you are keen.. thank you!
  10. Cupcake Gatherings!! Aii is having cupcake gatherings to raise more awareness to the business and to raise funds to expand the social enterprise. more information on Aii can be found on our temporary site: http://lovexue.tumblr.com/ More about the Gathering: Gatherings will be about 4 hours long. first 2 hours is to bake the cupcakes, 1 hour is to share decorating tips and 1 hour is ‘free and easy’ to decorate any cupcakes you want! You would be walking home with 1 healthy cupcake recipe or 1 chocolate cupcake recipe, 1 butter cream icing recipe, and 18 cupcakes! Gathering fees will be $88 per person. Each Gathering will only have 6 people. There would be 2 types of gatherings available. 1 is for healthy cupcake recipe and 1 is for chocolate cupcake recipe. Gathering dates timings in 2011 will be as follows: Chocolate Cupcake recipe: 12noon to 4pm (every Wednesday) 5Jan, 12Jan, 19Jan, 26Jan, 9Feb Healthy Cupcake recipe: 12noon to 4pm (every Thursday) 6Jan, 13Jan, 20Jan, 27Jan, 10Feb On 2Feb, 3Feb and 14Feb if you need any help with the cupcakes or need to order some cupcakes, please feel free to contact me too! If you would like to sign up or find out more about the gathering, please do contact me at leona@aii.sg If you would like me to organize a class during the weekends, please do contact me too! thank you! To look at what I have done previously:
  11. Dear fellow forum users, We are two good friends ex-cabin crew and 1 current cabin crew, who would like to share with everyone on how to look great for Chinese New Year! Our Message: “We can do no great things, only small things with great love.” We are two good friends greatly inspired by this quote by Mother Teresa. We met on a flight when we were flying as a crew and quickly became best friends with a common topic on make-up, skin care and health. As we have been make-up artist for more than 5 years now, we understand the need for good skin to bring out the best in make-up products and to achieve flawless skin, one would need to be healthy and eat right. While flying, we did face many skin and health problems and as best friends, we overcame all these problems and manage to solve it together. While searching for the right formula for a healthy body and flawless skin, we have found the right formula for ourselves and we would like to share with you on how we manage to do it! Inspired by Mother Teresa’s quote, we know that we can’t do anything great on a large scale but we hope to do it on a small scale to help our friends and new found friends to achieve what we have achieved. To find out more, please go to: http://springbliss.tumblr.com We hope to hear from you soon!
  12. Hihi.. hmMm.. I had 2 big moles on my face previously and did many research.. in the end I opt to have it surgically removed by a plastic surgeon.. For laser, they only remove top part of the skin and burn the mole, does not guarantee it will come back.. My mum tried laser on her shoulder and now it is 1 big blackish, brownish patch which is very ugly. Luckily she removed the ones on her face by surgery.. Maybe you can consider surgery which i personally think is better.