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  1. Hi, Did any1 use wall decals before? Any other brands beside wink play? Any recommendations? Wan to use wall decal over a whole piece of wall, but ustd tat its kinda of difficult to paste. Therefore will they provide this service of we reali have to diy. Any1 paste wall decals before? Any advice? Tx in advance.
  2. Hi buibui, I spoke to ken before, not very gd experience. Took 2 wks to work out a quote & receive extire different ting, not wat we mentioned in the 1st pl. Our sec meeting was very terrible, had to wait super long while he attend to another walk in customer, nt very hapi. Quote - Expensive, nthg much oni designer branded stuffz. He oso kip pushing us to pay $500 deposit for 3d, e worst part is the layout is nt even finalise. hahaa at the sec meeting he showed us a sketch, he said tat he took 2wks to work out. The funny part is this sketch was shown to us at our 1st meetg with him. Therefore we din engage him. As for the rest, i dunno..heard workmanship good bt den seriously high quotes. Hope my feedback is helpful.
  3. Hi h4happy, LWT previously quoted me, al i can say is they did nt reali provide much design...mainly just drew wat we wan. Therefore i think they r more like a contractor. Didnt sign with them, alittle insecure with the after sales service. We r attended by Andy, kinda nice chap bt den slightly shaky. Who's ur sales?
  4. Hi lionbo, My ID is Benedict. He's bac in action, you cn contact him. Even when he's in ICT, he still follow up on quoting, thumps up..let me know if you need his contact. Good luck in searching.
  5. Hi Summerholiday, Hows ur reno? Everything smooth? I am starting mine soon, veri excited. hehee. Its finally the end of searching..cn hw rest my mind & pray hard for the reno. . Btw jus to add to your list..Earnest has to great ID, Frankie and Benedict. As my ID is Benedict, I hve not work with Frankie before, but heard from my ID he's support & design is as good. Futhermore lots of other forumer oso full of praises for him. Bt for my case, Benedict is the man hehee Hi Boinbi, Mayb you wana try my ID. If you need his contact let me know. Good luck on your search..its really a tiring stage, but try to enjoy la..
  6. Hi Babykoh, i would recommend you look for my ID, bt jus to let you know in advance..his quote wouldnt b the cheapest bt he will try to help you save cost. At the quoting state my ID did try to work within my budget, bt at the same time he will put in the designer item to let u chose. Overall we are happy to work with him so far. Hmm..bt as yours is a resale i dont know hw much hacking wil actually cost, but i guess your budget seems fessible. Or mayb you would like to try a contractor instead, their quote will be abt 20% lower den ID lor. Let me know if you need his contact.
  7. Hi, I have walk-in to Intra, Ken attended to us as we didnt know that Angeline & Dave are the recomended ones. Thru'out the conversation, felt very comfortable talking to him. We had lotz of ideas, and instead of just following our ideas he highlighted the pros & cons and suggest which method will be more cost saving. We have not receive our quote yet as he requested a 2wks duration for his quote. He also mentioned that, for our next appt he will provide the layout with some detailed sketches. Hopefully he can meet our budget and give gd design concepts. I will let all of you know the outcome, once i received his quote. Overall 1st impression: Great! Patient, easy-going and friendly. Any1 engaged him before? Any comments on his design and after-confirmation atittude?
  8. Hi Oonik grl, Very sorry to hear abt this mishap. This shd be make know to all ppl, luckily there is still this forum to info other ppl. We shd all try to avoid this company as they might be out of business..who knows they might even close down due to no business at all..they deserve it haahaa. Could you also PM me their contact, so tat i will definitely avoid them. Tx in advance.
  9. Yeah..gg to meet Benedict soon, simply cant wait. His response to our call is also veri prompt, have a great initial tele-con impression. Hope all goes well and tat he wil be able to work within our budget. hehee
  10. Yup, i also agree on summerholiday theory. So now looking for other ID who can provide the attention we need. Although we are not in a rush to complete our hse, we also hope that the reno wont take too late as monitoring is a stressful thing. But i personally find it strange, since this is a forum there should be more recommendations instead most of the forummer seems to be using the same ID. Is there really no other better ID? Or its simply bcos all ppl including myself jus go through the lazy method by using only the recommended ones, hahaa if tats the case they are really earning big bucks...which also means that they will be super loaded and might not be able to provide much attention. haiz...really puzzled and headache.
  11. Hi Summerholiday, Wow you reali did an intense sourcing, tx for the info. Guess nw i hve 2 start my hmwrk of getting more quotes. Tx
  12. Hi summerholiday, Tx for your advice..hehee i m oso getting a headache from reading all the forum stuffz. wah 6 nt enuf ah, faint le..so many ID u look 4 before finalising? happy 4 you, as u r done wif the 1st headache...hahaa so wen ur reno starting?
  13. Hi Applefreak, Ya i do have a design in mind, therefore would like 2 try Ho Bee, heard tat their quality is veri gd..i hve a fren who have also engaged them, service excellent...bt a bit worried abt their quote as kinda on the high end side...hmm would it even b better to show them pic from mag? hehee the only worry i hve is they cnt picture what i wan fr just plainly description.
  14. Hi Summerholiday, Tx for the reply..yup i was reading up so choose these 6 ID lo..hmm wat did u mean by a difference? Do u mean in cost or quality or response? So u found ur ID? or still searching? Which ID u contacted so far?