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  1. Hi all, heres some yummy pics i took while i was overseas. Very very pretty.
  2. One more question. Where did u see yours? Thank you for the brilliant solution!!!! 2 thumbs up man!
  3. ... ... Liddat how to get the sticky type? Must have super long ruler standby to kill bubbles
  4. High gloss glass= prweetty = finger prints and easily scratched too.
  5. Thanks alot. I finally can visualize. Really maciam book wrap lor.
  6. Bery nice! Finishing soon liao lor. Joy: he also excited about his place, buay koon ma.
  7. Thats fast!!! Completion coming heart sure beat **** fast lor. But i am sure all sure swee swee de la. Congrats in advance wor.
  8. Yo, can do me a big favor?? i sua ku never see those sheet b4. Can take a foto post it here so i can know what i am gonna look for?
  9. Nice. Which hardware shop at which bllk or area u got it at then i go search for it. That's a superb idea but dunnno can find or not. if not buy those plastic sheet then cut it to size i guess. Nothing to see la. What u see on blog is mostly it le. Just waiting for this month to pass in order to do curtains or most likely blinds.
  10. I also using wmf but always stick until I **** sian. Difficult to cook eggs with the sticking. Thinking if I can find nice ceramic pans.
  11. No solid suface la! Easily scratched wor. Get granite or quartz surface unless u can be very very careful with your solid surface wor. Joy: nice stuff. Great to see it coming along good. And waiting to see your lights!
  12. Thanks! I want a non stick but no Teflon on it. U reckon ceramic pans helps? And for wok, what's good for Chinese cooking? Anodized? ThAnks for the info on bakeware. Will Sia Huat have those stuff?
  13. Hi all, need a bit of help and suggestions. I want to buy frying pan and wok but dunno wat to do. Was looking at green pan but reviews are so bad about it. Anything u guys used that is superb so far? Also wanna find out where I can find a shop which sells great baking stuff? Thanks a lot.
  14. Mine place got alot of concealed switches in false walls n carpentry but that doesn't add to the electrical bills but to your false wall bills. It should not be more work as when they are running the cables, the just run loose. Unless u are saying they have to hack into walls and make good of the wall which for hdb is illegal. Just how i think it works for my case at least.
  15. Oh. got such stuff ah. i also want but i dunno where to get lor. already scratched le lor. Sian 101%.
  16. Wah! Not just attract finger prints lor. It also scratches so easily.
  17. Thanks. But this table is finger printing machine. Got to wipe wipe n wipe. Did u manage to ask for the lights earlier? When is it scheduled to arrive again?
  18. Here are the pictures of the dining table with the dining lights which finally arrived after a few weeks of eating on the floor and sofa. Super duper heavy. The sharp edges have to be covered with rubber to prevent accidental bruises. Non extension for 4-6 and extended for parties where there will be alot of food and people. Non-extended Extended Reflection of light on table
  19. Thanks. looking forward for more time to look for stuff to put in the house.
  20. Congratulations!!!! Enjoy n share your journey with peeps here yea.
  21. Thanks. Mine nothing to see. No paintings, no sculptures! Waiting to see your finished work.
  22. i think if by ID sure can la. coz ID already get a cut from them, then they just earn less ba.
  23. 7.2k = alot of moolah. better find out the details and see if ur id can absorb.