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  1. Hi all, I'm thinking of changing my old aircons Has anyone had experienc employing Natural Cool? Did they do a good job in installation? And as my house is an 30yrs old flat, we need to pay extra for the metal bracket to hold the compressor.. Is $150 the mkt price? Thanks!
  2. Hi All, We got a plumber (recommended by town council) to change the kitchen main pipe, prior to doing-up of the kitchen cabinets. However we suspected the pipe was not well-sealed with the floor and thus there was high moisture and the occassional smell.. The moisture is so bad that a few of the metal hinges in the kitchen cabinet have rusted. The plumber is agreeable to replace the pipe for us, but we have to arrange for contractor to dismantle the kitchen table-top n cabinets ourselves. The cost of dismantling will be bore by us too.. As the pipe was done months ago, it's really difficult for us to hold the plumber responsible. Another option is to open a hole in the cabinet, for the worker to apply sealant at the pipe bottom.. which we are unsure if that works. Any advice? Getting contractor to do a small job of cutting hole in the cabinet is tough.. while dismantling the whole kitchen-top is really too costly and troublesome.. Pls help! Thanks...
  3. Hi kaym, Did you manage to resolve the problem in the end? Was it easy applying the sealant urself? Thanks Geez... I had the same problems too whenever there is heavy rain..
  4. Hi, Anyone has a good contact for windows contractor to recommend? Looking to re-do all the windows for my 5I unit. Anyone encountered during thunderstorms, the rainfall is so heavy the (sliding) windows tracks got flooded with water, and overflowed to the floor?! Pls help. Thks!
  5. Hi Noble, Thanks for the advice. Will take note. Somehow the jamming problem is gone lately.. Perhaps due to contraction of the wooden door in recent colder temperatures. Hopefully it stays this way!
  6. we used Bez Balloons 2mths back fr our ROM. Prices are reasonable and wide variety of choices.
  7. Hi, Anyone changed HDB fire-rated door before? Any recommendation? My door tends to jam at the door-frame. Some of the rivets at the door frame are coming out.. Or anyone has a contact for fixing the door back? Thanks!
  8. Hi All, Anyone has a solution to our problems? A fire-rated door is so expensive.. won't want to change new unless it's the last resort.. Thanks in advance!
  9. Wah... ur Living hall is indeed very 3D!! Got the WOW factor! http://www.renotalk.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif
  10. Hiya, My HDB main door has the same problem too. It tends to jam at the top corner of the door-frame, resulting in difficulty in closing the door. 7mths back, we had the edge of the door filed and the door-jamming problem disappeared. But the same issue came back recently.. We don't on the aircon in the living hall. And yes, I saw a long crack (abt 20cm) at the door too. Already had the cracked filled with putty.. Anything else we can do? Anyone changed their HDB fire-proof main door before?? Thanks!
  11. Hiya starbux, thks for the compliment! yes, our families helped out alot. It was ALOT of work! pm-ed ya. u a fan of starbucks? heh..
  12. Hi Toot, We got the chandelier from Chan Huat - 343/343A Balestier Road (the branch that is next to the famous Bak Ku Teh shop) Costs $360. But back then, that was only one left. They might have brought in new stocks though. pm-ed ya my contactor's contract. Good Luck!
  13. Hiya lalachong! Thanks alot for the compliment and so honoured & happy to know my t-blog has been followed thru It was my pleasure too to share my happiness, frustrations and contacts/lobangs with fellow RT members
  14. Hi Absolut, noted on the contact. thks
  15. Heya. Thks for the compliment! The laminate issue actually got worse AND better at the same time! The bumps have amazingly disappeared.. but one of the prank edge has also gotten jadded and 'crumpled', which wasn't in such a bad sate earlier. We were okay with the bumps but not the jadded edge that is an eyesore and safety hazzard. No choice, we'll be getting the contractor to repair /redo that area.. gonna cost us slightly over a hundred bucks yep, will squeeze the mop really dry!!
  16. I also prefer metal over plastic anytime. Personally, I tink plastic are too 'toy-lish' Read more magazines and t-blogs! But I tink budget does play a big part too..
  17. My Collection (part 2) ^^ Saber (Fate Stay Night) Ayanami Rei (NG Evangelion) Asuka Langley Soryu (NG Evangelion) Lunamaria Hawke (Gundam Seed) That's all for my 7:1 figurines collection..
  18. Yeah.. me collecting anime figurines and die-cast model cars. The no. of figurines I have is kinda few though as it is really a exp hobby to maintain! I bet you'll understand. Chogokin look very nice too! I always love their shiny, metal surfaces.. I have a fren whom is very much into Chogokin too. so u keep Mazinger, Transformers series? Just read your blog that ur reno haven't started yet. Looking forward to seeing your collection then!
  19. Wow.. It is so interesting to note there are so many weird HDB layouts out there !! I was a part-time ppty agent, been to hundreds of houses but the collection here is still an eye-opener. Yea.. you can start a book already.
  20. Hello zer0sg! Kudos for your daring and out-of-the-box layout! Noticed that there is alot of hacking. But I think lack of storage space will be a concern.. since your don't have any store-room. As for kitchen top cabinets blocking out the lights, you can choose brighter colors for your cabinets. That will certainly help to make the area look bigger. I understand the ceiling beams will block out the light too.. My kitchen has that too. I had considered combining my 2 toilets into 1 too, but aborted the idea that there may be instances where both need to use toilet at the same time. Well.. when nature calls (urgently), one can't control much. Just my 2c worth.
  21. My Collection (part 1) ^^ Ayanami Rei in Gothic - A birthday gift from WTB Asuka Langley in Gothic - My first 7:1 figurine; bought in Asakusa, Tokyo. Asahina Mikuru, in cosplay cafe costume
  22. Book-cabinet Loaded The shelf-space was split quite evenly btw me and WTB. She loaded in her old textbooks, notes & love novels (言情小说)... while I house my DVD/CD collection there. Fortunately, my parents asked me to leave my text & notes at their place. Otherwise, the book cabinet definitely won't be enough for us! Geez.. so many to keep.. Looks like digital storage is the most practical approach to take.
  23. More acquisitions for the Kitchen A stainless steel kettle as I do not trust plastic ones with the boiling water temp! We also got a water container which its color matches perfectly well with our green-white cabinets! WTB's conventional oven for her baking. Yum Yum