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  1. hi, could you help to share contact for J&E contractor? Many thanks. aceteyhc@hotmail.com
  2. hi, could you pls help to share your contractor J contact? aceteyhc@hotmail.com many thanks
  3. Hi, could you pls help to share your contractor contact with me? Many thanks. aceteyhc@hotmail.com
  4. Hi, could you help to share your E Contractor contact? Many thanks. aceteyhc@hotmail.com
  5. Hi, could you pls share with me your contractor information as well. Many thanks. aceteyhc@hotmail.com
  6. Hi, could you share with me on your contract contact? Many thanks. aceteyhc@hotmail.com
  7. Hi Guys, Recently my bedroom door has this bloated/ mis-alignment problem. Whenever we try to close the door it always cannot close properly, it either seems like an alignment problem or bloated on the top portion. Before proceeding to change all doors, does anyone have any lobang/ experience in fixing such problems? Btw my room door is from HDB, about 1.8yrs, is it still under warranty in any way?
  8. Hi Guys I remembered one of the guys was using this online tool to plan for the space and layout design. I wanted to check if you guys still remembered the link, or use any others for planning? Regards