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  1. by the way, the wowed me with very arty art works... but guess what, none of the 1 hour briefing was taken in. Basically all my asks were not taken in. it seems like they just took a standard model and modify it.
  2. was recommended to them by propnex while scouting for a property. I met them once, spent an hour briefing them what I want. I have to chase many times before I get a meeting. The gave me a presentation which wowed me. I went to see their project but not impressed by their quality. I chased again for another month for quote and finally the boss (quite young guy) called back and said they are very busy with a Sentosa tender. I leave you to evaluate if they are good.
  3. shawnsofie

    Solar Film

    My experience in solar film. - many vendors and each claim their product is the best. Reflective says better coz they reflect heat and don't trap heat. so glass not likely to break. But there is glare - they all only know how to rattle off the jargons like metal sputtering, nano-ceramic etc etc...It all makes you wonder they know their stuff technically - beware of hidden costs and installation process. Some may charge you extra.. for landed properties because of height - warranty - 5 years, 10 years probably all built into the cost. Who knows whether the company will still be there in 5 years So after a few rounds of hunting and getting confused by all the terminology, I decided to go for MIracool. No one recommended - I saw their name from Home Directory. Honestly I can't tell the difference yet. Their film is nano-ceramic, Made in Japan. I can't vouch for the cooling properties yet as the installation was just done. But I can tell that the workers installing are very careful and cautious. What makes me choose Miracool amidst the wide range of products and the confusion? Its the sales service and attitude of the Sales Manager (Edmund). Last minute during our confirmation, there was a slide variation in colour, he came down @ 8.30pm to show me the sample to ensure that I was happy before installation the next day. We installed it for glass roof - he stayed throughout the installation process - which means opportunity cost for lost sales. When our contractor puts up the glass on Sunday, he came down to ensure the installation went well. Our builder did not provide their installers with a good environment, yet the guys carried out their work conscientiously. Next installation will be car porch in 1-2 months time. The immaculate service made the difference for me....
  4. If you have been consistent in your instruction and its an oversight from the main con or PE, then they have to bear the costs. You tell them that their development profit margin is so good. What is 3K? For example, my contractor didnt do a proper submission to URA and ended up a change in material (to a more expensive lightweight type) and I'm not bearing the cost.
  5. Const loan must be fm the same bank as ur housing loan. It would be wise to wait for bca approval and more importantly the insurance to be in place. Else who is going to be responsible if things messed up? U need bca approval for demolition. My builder took < 3 days to remove all the stuff excl demolition. So in the whole scheme of things, not a long process
  6. If u can confirm quickly, some suppliers may be willing to offer u 2010 price. On avg I u/stand marble prices are going up by more than 10%. If want a good deal, forget about those @ balestier or defu. Go direct to the importer / wholesaler. U can easily save $3-8 psf but u must hv qty
  7. It's a fine balance between costs, asthetics, durability etc. If the house is being constructed for own stay, then these fixtures will be used for a long time. So its better to get quality stuff. For example, when we shopped @ Sim Siang Choon, my wife only has eyes for basin mixers (and this is "mian qiang' read chinese) that are in the region of S$200+. But @ Grohe sale in Nov, we could get very nice mixers of for around the same price @ S$200+. Of course, one can go for the ultimate high end / luxury Axor Starck version, but is there a need? As an addition example, one can get project clearance homo tiles, marble. These can be good quality tiles @ $1-2psf, whereas if one approached the established players, the China / Malaysian tiles could be going @ $2-3 psf Just my 2 cents worth....
  8. hi pantieileen just like to check in and see if you've made the selection and how was your experience with Tecnocucina? We spent some time talking to the guy and found him quite experienced. We're looking at Dry Kitchen only. Interior Affairs - spoke with them too, but found them unresponsive and not very responsible. Been a month and yet to hear from them. But their kitchen looks good Kitchen Habits - make in Msia assembled in Singapore. Let's see what they come up with Hoffen - uses medium denisity board (?). They do more project work Hugo Kitchen - can't afford. Their entry level with laminates and no fancy stuff is already @ 40K. 1-2x higher than the others man ! Vivant - just above Hugo. A shop alluded that Vivant was trying to imitate them. Would be grateful if you can share with us your experience. Thanks Cheers SS