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  1. Hi, I have this problem of foul smell coming from within the unit in a shopping centre. 1. Before reno of ceiling, no smell. 2. After reno of ceiling, no smell. 3. After reno, old water leakage above ceiling occurred, after a few days, detected smell. 4. After water leakage smell fixed and affected ceiling board replaced, smell still persist. 5. Find that air circulation not good. Outside unit strong oil smell from beside restaurant. Within unit smell faintly of ****. 6. Above unit is AHU room, no sewage pipes. 7. Smell don't seem to come from floor. 8. Hard to tell if smell comes from aircon duct. Aircon from centralised aircon duct don't seem to be so strong. Management said the aircon is installed from 1 end to the other and I happened to be at the other end where the aircon seems to be less cooler and they can't do anything. Can it be the air circulation is not good enough causing the smell or the aircon duct is dirty where rats, etc pooped in the duct hence we smell the foul smell? Desperately need advice on this.
  2. Garage Sale Bukit Batok 22nd to 25th July Brand new and used items all for sale! Cutlery, utensils, home applicances, table, sofa, chair, clothes dryer everything is up for grabs!
  3. Hi lilian.quek, can share me your carpenter's contacts too? Thanks!
  4. Hi all, can someone pm me mr quek or mr ong's contacts? Thanks. I'll also try mr william too...
  5. Hi Yuen yuen, can share contact? Thank you!
  6. Thanks jerome for patiently answering my queries, bought cooker hood elba 902/10 and bosch hbn331e2j at a good price
  7. Hi can pm me how much for how many rooms n contact number? Thx! Need asap
  8. Hi all, I have just met up with Vincent, he gave me a very good price for the curtains and installation. He gave me a good impression of an honest man and gave good opinions. Today I called him and today he came over to my house to look and measure. His prices are also very reasonable. Overall very impressed with his service. I decided to take his services today. Will update 2 weeks later on the done up job
  9. Hi manutd1972, I'm unable to send u new messages, can u give me the contact for the curtain company you used? Can also pm me the quotation he gave u? Thanks!