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  1. Source like ID is like finding gf/bf. HAHA Is the chemistry and his knowledge that win you over. Make you believe that you found the right person to do the job for you
  2. i heard that those man-made pvc materials are prone to scratches. Yes for chengai i understand that if <100 sqft will be a lump sum charge.
  3. There are actually reports on sand and other building materials rising in the news. Although the price will not increase in this 2 or 3 months but i believe there will be an increase at the later part of the year thus an increase in quotation(maybe?) Anyway things will keep increase only la (:
  4. Hi, Maybe you can consider having a walk-in wardrobe for your master bedroom. Or just built-in a normal wardrobe
  5. Till now everything's smooth, attentive and things are looking good.
  6. haha. u cant leave your hse reno to fate what. Happy searching. Try submit again.
  7. http://idealdesigninterior.com/Ideal_ContactUs.aspx Hope this helps.
  8. Defintely there are joint line for granite Every granite i heard from my ID are 6ft so they will be 1 every 6ft for uploading also and lift too
  9. Hi, I notice there no charge for kitchen top? What abt all the misc stuffs like cleaning and washing? Do they supply you with 3D drawing also? or u have to come up with the design?\ What abt GST?
  10. Morning peeps, I strongly agree that the ID is more impt than the firms. i will rather go to small firm with reputable ID rather than big firm with newcomers.
  11. How all, first post here, did anyone engage Ron before? Went for first meeting with him, was satifised overall. Thanks