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  1. Same here. Motor is silent and although blades are relatively smaller, the wind generated is surprisingly quite strong.
  2. I sent you email. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

  3. Yes I did by mistake. Too early to say if it will last longer or fare better as it was just painted less than a month ago. The smell lingers for sometime
  4. Hi, Im no expert but u need a tin of wall primer . This primer allows the paint (color of your choice) to stick onto the ceiling . So step 1. Prepare surface by scraping off peeeling paint,followed by plastering if needed. Step 2. Paint with wall primer Step 3. Paint with color of your choice. Due to the wet conditions of the bathroom , i chose to paint the final coat with this oil based white paint. Hope this is of help . Regards
  5. Can to share what is the secret weapon? Im using Iquartz n would be good to know this secret weapon. Thanks
  6. Hi, I've used my washing machine this way for 10 yrs plus. Only difference is I linked the drainage hose to the toilet and not to the sink drainage as advised by the kitchen cabinet designer.He felt that should the kitchen drainage chock with fats,foodstuff etc it will pose a problem when the washing machine is running and discharging its water contents during wash cycle. The other school of thought is that the soapy wash from the WM could be clearing the fatty deposits in the drainage system if its linked to the kitchen drainage. Im not sure on this. During the spin cycle, if the machine is not balanced equally on all 4 legs, it tends to move and once in a while u must adjust its position so that it centralised in the cabinet n not too close to the cabinet side wall. Having the washing machine in the cabinet is neat n tidy. Hope it helps.