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  1. This 1 nt bad. http://www.thecheesecakecafe.sg/
  2. I went there with my aunty to consult her and find her quite zhun leh. She say I will have a small injury last month and ask me to be careful in whatever I do. Then true enough, my parents car got hit by a car from behind and I got a cut in my lips and sprain my neck but its ok coz I can still play mj. hahaha.
  3. DOnt give up..So have you found a job already?
  4. I am gonna choose fabric as well. Have bad experience with leather sofa before, turn mouldy and so hard to maintain.
  5. nobody thinking of using seahorse? I have been using that for the past 10 years and it is still serving me well and price is reasonable.
  6. Still thinking whether to get Electric or Gas Water Heater. Any feedback from gas water heater user? thanks
  7. Can pm me Jimmy number also just in case I need to his service. Thanks
  8. I read somewhere before and i think you have to call city gas to come down to either activate or connect the gas for you.
  9. Im thinking of getting Bosch HBA43B450A. Any reviews or recommendation?
  10. Can anybody pm me master cheng number because I am going to get my key soon. Thanks
  11. Can anybody pm me also because I am going to get my key soon. Thanks
  12. Actually it depends la. my grandfather is a heavy smoker and he live till 85 years old and passed aways peacefully. I think lifestyle play a major role in our health.