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  1. O..m...g... What's happening here? Confuse newbie here... Looking for a modular system for my mb wardrobe.. And apparently, Amare's one of the options.. Scare me out a bit here.. Any other recommendation for the similar system from other company? Many cheers in advance.. ~byu~
  2. Just return from overseas... We got our keys already. Hubby told me the Reno kinda start oredi.. But me not yet see.. Will go location tmrw and see what's going on there. Feel so hectic recently. With little Byu's turned three.. Fell sick and got rashes all over.. Go back 'home' for annual family gathering... And juuuusssttt arrived @ little red dot. Hubby simply give me a Dulux ICI colour's catalog. Said that our contractor asked us to choose color for the house. Soooooooo much to do tomorrow.. Got to buy the hood and hob and built in oven. Any recommend brands from anyone? I'm eyeing either Rinnai or EF. Rinnai coz it's quality is well known in my hometown. EF coz the sales auntie said it is good. But when I found out the EF's parts all made in china, I kinda worried bout the quality. Renotalkers... Please kindly enlighten me.. Then.. We still have to find downlights.. Switches... Lightnings for dining and bedrooms.. Also toilet stuff.. Bowls, sinks, and friends... Hm... I also forgot the kitchen sink and taps.. Wash basins.. OMG... Still loads to do... Hubby had bought the Aircon. Mitsubitshi Electrics Starmax system 4. He bought them from All Best. Pipes installed already. Hope all goes well..
  3. @ NeOmesis: Unfortunately.. No 3Ds for us.. the design theme and everything is really not clear. Seems like the ID kinda understand what he is doing but he dunno how to describe it even in his 2d drawings. And for sure.. every design he propose is soooooo plain... kinda like.. okay.. we bang bang bang and here's the cabinet.. then you chose the laminated and bang bang bang.. we plester it for you... and taddaaaa.... yippieee... it's donee... :unsure: not sure about the brands but based on dimensions. am doing this before heading work, so correct me if i interpret it wrong below; 2.7m by 3.4m translates to 8.8ft by 11.15ft? isnt the dimensions a bit weird for kitchen carpentry? as in the width is 2.7m? hmm... gotta ask him for details ya. >> This one, me olso not sure.. But last nite I have manage to change the kitchen cabinet into a 2 paralel cabinet. About the measurement, still not clear. Like i post before.. this guy kinda like working by himself and not explaining much, UNLESS you ask. (which in my case.. sometimes i forgot what to ask.. ~~~byu~~~
  4. Finally... someone with similar feelings.. what a relish.. (oopss.. not that i am happy for your situation, whatever it is.. just glad that someone out there kinda understand the state i'm in..
  5. >>> I'm absolutely not sure we still can do this coz we've got 5K in his hand oredi..
  6. OMG..... Can't sleep... Seems like can't put my mind to rest.. I wonder if out there someone's feeling the same like I do. * sigh... I mean, I really dunno renovation can cause some kind of brain damage. When you have not find the ID you like, or probably you had signed with one, yet you still feel uneasy, uncertain kind of feelin.... A good ID should be able to give good advice regarding your Reno. Not just said yes to everything you said. Well.. Kinda find that mine is a bit confusing and not honest. He just kinda said YES and CAN to everything. Am afraid that things will turn out ugly at the end of the Reno. Not to mention that his price can't be consider as Cheap. Seems to me like he's some kind of contractor that quote us ID's price. And the most ugly thing is that we stupidly had placed more than 5k downpayment to him. Gosh.... Am I doomed????
  7. Hi Aron.. please quote me System 4 inverters. We are considering Mitsubitshi Electrics. Any other brand that with similar quality also acceptable. TIA.
  8. And btw, I once check with ADAMAS Jalan Besar and the sales girl quote me 1k+ for a TOTO. Is it the market price for this product?
  9. Hiya.. I recognise TOTO from Indonesia. It's quite famous and durable. But seems like the price become so high after they export to singapore. Any of you manage to get the best price for TOTO? Hope you can share with me? Thanks a lot...
  10. Could anybody advice me regarding Solid surface? What is Klassicut? 3S? Which one is good.. My ID quote me a $4,370.00 for 2700x3400mm L shape kitchen with either one of the Solid Surface. Is it too much? Thanks..
  11. Anybody use Klassicut solid surface? Is it good? My ID quote me L shape kitchen cabinet with 3S/Klassicut solid surface for app 2700mm x 3400mm size at $4,370. Me really a nubie here... advices and comments are highly appreciated...
  12. Hi there JAsper en Jaskel en other.. can please pm me the carpenter as well.. thx..
  13. Dear... Your house is very lovely... Could u please pm me your Quote for Reno? Thanks in advance...
  14. Seems like hubby sign the contract oredi yesterday.. But haven't manage to pay him at all... Gosh.. Really headache...