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  1. Hello! Happy to hear of your lucky escape. Hahahaha

    I am torn between Quick Step or Krono Step.

    Can U kindly share your contacts so that I may speak to them directly to decide?

    Thank you muchie.

  2. Hi jiayun I just signed up with OPSH last Sat at Expo. First 5ft is $1500 and subsequent is $200. For Closet Design, first 5ft is also $1500 but subsequent is $250. I agreed that the accessories are lesser in OPSH but the design of the door are much more than Closet Design. Service wise I thought, OPSH ones are more professional and service oriented. As I do not need lotsa accessories hence I went for OPSH.
  3. Thanks! Have noted your point on how should I manage my buyer regarding the lighting. During my selling and buying processes, none of the agents mentioned on this issue at all. So we are not aware that I can actually make such request to my seller to remove all the fixtures. Now I will have to bear the cost of over $500 to remove the unwanted fixtures.
  4. Anyone has installed gas heater for their HDB unit? Can share your experience? Do you have problem such as 1 toilet will suddenly recieve lesser hot water when both toilets are in use?
  5. Hi there Do you mean we are able to get refund if we use cheaper tiles? Say contractor quote that we could use $3/psf tile but most of the tiles are only like $2.60 especially for toliets and kitchen. Then for the living area, we could use the $3.20 600X600 homogenous tiles. But hubby was attracted to the 800X800 homo at $4.20/psf and contractor said in total we have to top up $2/psf ($1 for the tile and $1 for the labour). I have read somewhere that usually is just top up for tiles and no such top up for labour. Have asked my contractor and she insisted that the labour is actually more expensive than the tile. =( Any similar experience?
  6. Hi I have recently sold my 4R flat. First appointment will be in early May. I need to know if I can remove the Ceiling Hanging Light in my MBR. I bought it just less than 3 yrs ago for my bridal room. It is not really very expensive but I could not find it outside. Probably the design is obsolete le. I loved it very much and really hope I can bring it to my new place. I have ever thought of asking the seller's permission. But I guess the seller would probably want this ceiling light too since he has requested us to leave our furnitures to them if we do not need it anymore. Any thought on this? Another thing is my parents said buyer has the right to request seller to remove all the fixtures including built in furnitures, air-cons and hand over an empty house. In this case, buyer can save some on the demolish/dismantle portion when renovating the house. Is it true?
  7. When a person has more ability to provide more, of course will tend to expect the best. Different living standard expectation for different era.
  8. I was also quoted $300 for Clearing of debris, uplifting of goods and haulage of sand. Is it reasonable?
  9. As in the head of the bed is directly in line with the doorway. So people walking pass my room can see our top body when we are lying down.
  10. Hi bro, can send me contact for KDK and fanco fan ? Many thanks!
  11. If bed placed in the doorway of the MBR is not good in fengshui, will having a full height partition next to my bed (hence blocking the sight of the door) improve?
  12. Hi emobebe I am not sure of the size of the anti slip homogenous we have selected. It is rectangle size hence I guess should be the 300X600 ones. I dislike the look and maintenance of the 'gap' between the tiles hence by using the larger ones, I minimise the sight of 'gap'. Fixing tiles in patterns might be nice in the initial stage but how about 2-3 yrs down the road? Will you get tired of the patterns especially if its a more complicated ones? We prefer to go in one colour for our kitchen flooring but leave the wall untiled. So that every few years, we can get to re-paint the wall of the kitchen in different themes. But of course the colour of my carpentry works will have to be neutral. =) So in the end, you choose to do homogenous for your living and rooms? I like laminates is bcos of the resistance to scratches and stains especially when there are children in the house. I have granite flooring in my current house and somemore is dark colour. But the way I see how my nephew played with his toys..... It is really a nightmare for the flooring. You cannot see the damage while standing but if you see from the floor angle, you will see all the holes and scratches caused by his toys.
  13. Was stated in page 2 of the thread: Mr Chan K. L. (We call him ah long.. haha) HP: 81122998 Fax: 65845769 Company name: U-Top Contractor
  14. Thanks for all the advices! I have a big living area after I removed my balcony border. Moreover, my dining, living and balcony area add up to a rectangle layout. My contractors said she will lay a stainless steel strip to differentiate the different tiles at the room entrances. I have actually paid a deposit of $500 to do laminate with Krono Original but am reconsidering this option now. If do for 3 bedrooms, I am thinking whether should I 'hack' the existing flooring for laminate too since other floor areas in house will be hacked. For Kitchen, the tiles used will be rectangle homogenous tile with a rougher surface. For laying 800X800, I have to pay additonal $1 for tiles and $1 for workmanship hence $2 more. One thing I dun understand is that the contractor quote me $3000 for the tiles and $800 for removing the existing ceramic tiles in my living/dining area. Price of tiles are capped at $3/psf. In such case, do I still need to worry about the wastage? Or in the event if the tiles used are lesser, will they 'rebate' the cost to us? We tried asking her before but she said the quote is based on the measurement in the floorplan. For my laminate package, the quotation is based on the measurement from the layout plan but they said actual cost will be lesser as the actual measurement after deducting the areas of the walls of the house will be smaller.