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  1. Bought my light from Lighting.com as well, I admire their price is reasonable but there is ready NO quality to talk about, bought 10, spoil 2. Even when the Electrician is trying to fix for us but claim that the parts they even are quite lousy.
  2. Hi Zero, Would like to know the price for Rinnai RB2CG/ RH-998C,RH-90CD, RBO-5CSI. and Hitachi R-100GMS. please advise on payment procedure. thank you !
  3. Hi matro, nice purchase. May I know how much u got the Rinnai package during the road show ?
  4. Hi Joyce, thks alot ! I'm going to try now. Appreciate for your sharing ~
  5. Hi Joyce, manage to find the item you bought from taobao but they don't accept S'pore credit card, how u manage to make payment. Appreciate you could share with us. Thanks !
  6. Ready very nice, so envy on your fast Reno process. Enjoy your new house.
  7. Thanks Alot centrino2, order place. how long did u wait for the item to received ?
  8. Hi, like the effect of your Cove light, can PM me the link as well. Thks !
  9. Thanks Potatoes, after hearing from u I feel better. Everyday went to visit the place, seeing the progress is so slow, making me depressed ! And the ID is very hard to contact as well. Seem like I got to take thing easy and don't put too much hope that the Reno can finish by 6weeks time.
  10. Very upset with the Reno progress, already into the 2nd week. But only hacking and one toilet has been done, each day only one staff is working. And due to the lack of communication with the ID & the worker, Mstr toilet tile was place it wrongly, the poor worker have to hack away some tile and redo again !
  11. finally gotten our Key on 22Sep, here are some update for current conditions. *the view from the Windom Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Mstr bedroom ImageShack.us mstr bedroom toilet(dirty,dirty,dirty)
  12. Hi Bedokian, WOW ! Your 3D is really impress me, LOV your floyer & Living room design. Is was so modern & style ~ congtulation, enjoy your Reno process ! One last thing, we are also getting our key today at bedok north, finally !
  13. Just now meet the designer and finalize the Design, colour & material of our house, now onboard AirAsia flight to fly off to Bali to celebrate our 2nd yrs Anniversary ! After come back on 22Sep, our Reno will be kick start the next day ~ Excited for the long waiting big day to come !
  14. Hi hi, welcome to RT. Congratulation on ur Good purchase, very spacious house, sure will turn up fabulous !
  15. hI ejszaka, saw this Modern look number plates from another forum. like it very much, hope she is dont mind i share the photo. www.mbossed.com Uploaded with ImageShack.us