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  1. hi, just my opinion. IF you are staying at HDB, u can dispose it at the bin disposal near your estate.
  2. congrats. I'm also waiting for my EA at pasir ris. Your floorplans looks unique. You have 2 balconies and one in ur bedroom. How cool. Which part of pasir ris is it?
  3. hi madcat. Mine is at drive 10, opp meridian JC there.. we like this layout as the balcony is huge.
  4. Renotalk have been providing us with alot of knowledge with all these reno issues and other home related stuffs. From the time before we bought our house till today, we've been browsing renotalk whenever we have free time. haha So now, we just acquired our flat over at Pasir Ris EA and will be going for our first appt soon this month. We hope to get feedback from the experts here on our T-Blog. At the moment, we have not gone ID / Contractor hunting yet. Here are some of our reno ideas: 1. Reconstruct back the balcony as the previous owner has level the balcony to extend his living area. We want to have an outdoor feeling at our balcony with water feature possibly. 2. The study area to be hacked to create an enclosed living area. Basically, its an extension of the wall of the study towards the main bedroom. Hope to have this wall as glass. Also to create a elevated platform at the window area of the study. Our feature wall will be the bedroom 2 wall. 3. Reconstruct the kitchen wall partition at the main door's area. At the moment, the owner hacked down that wall partition and put those roman pillars which were the in-thing from the 90's i guess. We don't think an open kitchen concept is good as we have already a big space in the living/dining. 4. Merge the main bedroom with the room next to it to create our walk-in wardrobe area. We dont have kids so we can afford to do this now. 5. Create a dry area for the bedroom toilet. This is sort of expanding our toilet area in our bedroom. 6. Laminates for all bedrooms. Change tiles for the living/dining. 7. hmm.. still thinking... Feel free to comment.. Thanks for viewing
  5. hi. not sure about BD. I would normally buy laptops at Funan. Do that note that some shops in Funan are actually coming from the same vendor. But what kind of service do u expect when buying a laptop? For me, I would research it online first and just buy based on online reviews and feedback. I find this is more trustworthy as most laptop salesperson normally just read off the technical specs in the brochure.
  6. wah good lobang here.. i also interested to get aircon. Can PM me the details: mafacifa@yahoo.com
  7. thats not bad either. will contact her to enquire on her services. thanks
  8. hi fellow EA owners.. I intending to start flat hunting in a couple of month's time. Im contemplating between EM and EA around the east area. Do you think that the staircase for EM is occupying space? And which is a cheaper? Also, my house will only have 2 occupants, me and my wife. EM seems to me like quite scary leh.. if u alone downstairs, then hear some things upstairs or vice versa..
  9. wah. Congrats! I wonder when can the valuation and cov reduce. Planning to buy around aug onwards.
  10. hi, may i know anyone recently bought EM at Tampines? Whats the valuation like?
  11. hi, u can go to TradeHub to get a better deal on mattresses. For a wide selection and good service, u can try the mattress hub at toa payoh. Its at the Storhub building. U can also try looking at dunlopillow. they have been in the mattress business for very long and their mattresses are very good indeed. my friend got a dunlopillow around 2.5k king size with pocketed spring. its elizabeth model i think.
  12. Hi all, I'm new here and currently not a EM owner but I'm very much interested to purchase one some time next year.. Going to do some research on which area have nice EM layout, location, etc.. Hope to get some suggestions from EM owners here.. Thanks!